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Melina Perez Is One Crazy WWE Diva!

Melina Perez posted a crazy video on Gail KimGet ready WWE fans because we have a good old fashioned WWE Divas cat fight on our hands. Melina and Gail Kim have borrowed a page from the John Cena and The Rock, utilizing social media to advertise their dislike for each other and possibly a fast exit from the WWE.

The bizarre social media war between WWE Divas started on Tuesday morning. Gail Kim (remember her, yeah her, you know the Korean Diva, you know the one that used to feud with Awesome Kong in TNA, right that Diva) started tweeting at 8:41 AM.

[adinserter block=”2″]Good morning..wow a good nights sleep and a direct flight.:) and I’m NOT a horrible friend! @realmelina is emotionally unstable!@gailkimITSME

And you thought she woke up early to tweet about her outrage over Sin Cara being screwed didn’t you?

Well it didn’t take long for word to reach Melina who decided to one-up Gail Kim. Melina didn’t stop with just a simple tweet to respond to Kim. Nope, Melina cut a video and posted it to You Tube. Melina is currently on Asia for what appears to be a half business half pleasure trip. Diva hate has no boundaries! The 0:28 video is quite frankly bizarre and a little disturbing.

Here is what she tweeted after posting the video.

I hope that Gail is drinking something when she watches this vid so it comes shooting out her nose!!! – @RealMelina

Just came back from doing my last workout before I do the tour off to Asia and I read the tweet that Gail said I was emotionally unstable.

Gail, I may be that, but at least I’m not a horrible friend! Like you. And believe me, after these two weeks in Asia, if you thought I was crazy before, I’m going to be that much crazier when I get back.” She then says “love you” and blows a kiss goodbye.

[adinserter block=”1″] While Melina didn’t bother to put on makeup for the video, she did take time to have graphics added to the diatribe that read, “Kung fu time, SKANK!!!” and “B!otch No You Didn’t!!“. To put it bluntly, Melina looks and sounds like she is truly crazy.

Somehow or another Melina garnered some kind of sympathy because according to Gail, she started receiving quite a bit of hate tweets after posting her initial tweet.

Haha it seems like from ur comments people, u r falling for @realmelina s “nice” side. Trust me I did too! I guess ull just have to experience her “emotional” side to understand…:(@gailkimITSME

And later…

All the negative people out there, its ok I know. Misery loves company. I feel sorry 4 u…but good news, @realmelina would love ur friendship! 🙂@gailkimITSME

Look, I don’t know what happened between these two and I don’t care. All I know is that the WWE needs to start airing these Melina videos IMMEDIATELY! Forget about Kharma, Melina is the scariest Diva in the WWE.

I guess John Morrison is a lot tougher than we gave him credit for.

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  1. Yeah, seriously, whoever that is…she's scary. From the screencap it looked like someone was doing a Gail Yellowface impression…I thought Melina was Mexican or Native American or something. Funny stuff.


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