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Meet Vecna, The New Demo-Monster of Stranger Things 4

The next big bad has been revealed!

If you play Dungeons and Dragons then you might have recognized the name right away, if not then you are in for a treat. Up till now throughout 3 seasons and more than 25 episodes, we have come across many foes in the show.

From Demogorgons and Demodogs to human Russian villains and a huge Mind Flayer, you would think that you’d have seen it all by now but the real fun has only begun. Vecna is going to be the big bad for the next season and despite its name not sounding so sinister, its appearance certainly does.

So what exactly is Vecna and what are the speculations revolving around the appearance of Vecna in the upcoming season of Stranger Things? Here is everything we know:

What is Vecna?

Vecna appears in the RPG game Dungeons and Dragons as a fictional character and villain. It has been termed as one of the greatest villains of the game. Vecna’s character has been described as a powerful wizard that turned into a lich and later on he was destroyed only leaving behind his left hand and left eye.

Vecna in Stranger Things Season 4

In the series, Mike and the crew used to play Dungeons and Dragons as their pastime in the initial seasons, and the monster that appeared in the show have been named after the characters from that game only.

Vecna is the latest in that lineup and quite possibly the badass villain among them. When the Duffer brothers initially introduced Vecna, they said: “Part of the drive and tension of this season is that we have this big new evil emerge in Hawkins and for the first time ever, Eleven is not there.”

They also added: “And not only is she separated by distance, but at the end of season 3, she’s lost her powers, so even when she learns about what has happened in Hawkins, she is unable to help them in the same way she has before.”

So we can expect Vecna to wreak havoc in Hawkins for a long period before someone appears to stop it.

Vecna’s Minions

Vecna will appear in the show along with its very own minions, the flying monkeys that are being called demo bats. As for their lethality, the Duffes added: “Maybe one of them alone is not very dangerous, but when there’s hundreds and hundreds of them coming to you at the same time, they’re very, very deadly.”

Vecna’s Identity

As of now the most obvious character behind Vecna is being claimed to be Billy. We know Billy sacrificed himself by season 3’s end and it seems he will make a return as the villain of the show. Dacre Montgomery, the actor that plays the role of Billy shared a photo on Instagram where he is being covered up with blood and being prepared with prosthetic makeup.

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