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Meet Sam Levinson Director of Euphoria

Sam Levinson is an American actor and filmmaker. He is part of the entertainment industry since his childhood as Barry Levinson, a writer, actor, and filmmaker is his father. There are so many films directed by Barry. The most popular ones are Rain Man, Vietnam, and Good Morning. So, there is no surprise that Sam continued his father’s legacy.

Euphoria: Sam’s latest series

Euphoria is the latest teen drama on HBO. The show presents high school students’ struggle with love ad friendship in a world full of sex, drugs, social media, and trauma.

Till now, two seasons have been aired by HBO and the third one is promised to its fans real soon.

Who is Sam Levinson?

Sam is married to Ashley Lent. They both have a son.

Sam Levinson, the director of Euphoria made his directorial debut with ‘Another Happy Day’ in 2011. It was a comedy-drama. On the occasion of the Sundance Film Festival, he received the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award for this show. In 2017, he worked with his father on a film named Wizard of Lies.

Assassination Nation – an action thriller was written and also directed by him. The star cast ranged from had Bella Thorne, Maude Apatow to Suki Waterhouse. 

Euphoria is Levinson’s most popular project till now.

Why Euphoria?

Euphoria was originally an Israeli series. Sam adopted it because it shows teenage life in its raw form. The series is unique as Sam wrote and directed almost all the episodes of season 1 as well as season 2. There was a long gap between the two seasons. Just like season1, season2 also doesn’t shy away from throwing light on tough phases of a teenager’s life like drug addiction, mental health, and abusive relationships.

Many characters in the series are shown struggling with drugs. Levinson saw his younger self in these characters as he had the same experience with drugs while he was growing up.

When Levinson was a teenager, he spent most of the years in rehabs, halfway houses, and hospitals. He would take anything to make him numb to the point where he couldn’t breathe, feel or breathe. At the age of 16, he concluded that one-day drugs will kill him, so there was no use fighting. He gave in to this idea and calmly waited for the day. 

While writing the series Levinson took help from his teenage memories which are still easily accessible to him. He penned down how he felt, what all was going on in his mind and how he dealt with the problem of drug addiction.

Levinson started writing for Euphoria within a week after he was done with Assassination. The motive behind how the series is written is that he wanted to create something which was related to the emotions of the given characters instead of a satire or commentary.

Zendaya is playing the main lead in Euphoria. She recently won an Emmy award for this role. She was Levinson’s first and last choice for this role because she had both vulnerability and toughness at the same time. he found it to be the perfect combo for this role.



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