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Meet Clifton Powell Jr: Sasha Obama’s New Boyfriend

America’s ex-President Barack Obama’s daughter Shasha Obama has been reportedly dating Clifton Powell Jr. Shasha’s new love of life is also the son of “Ray” actor Clifton Powell and his wife Kimberly Powell. The news broke in when the 20-year-old was spotted cuddling and getting cozy with Clifton Powell Jr.

This is the very first time in her 20 years that Shasha has been seen openly with the new man in her life. As soon as the news went viral several questions started spurring concomitant to the new cute couple in the town.

Netizens posed questions like does Clifton Powell Jr. also enjoys some benefit and leverages what Shasha does being the daughter of the former president. Further who actually is Clifton Powell Jr.?

“Menace II Society” and “Dead Presidents” are some of the greatest pieces of work by Clifton Powell. His son, Powell Jr., was born on May 23, 1997. He also has a sister named May Powell. He grew up in Ladera Heights and went to Village Christian High School. It was a private school with a hooping $28,340 annual fee.

“24 yrs ago You came into the world son and you transformed my life and to this day you still bring Soooooo much Joy to Me and to All that you touch I’m soooooo Proud of You Young Man,” he wrote on his son’s 24th birthday in May. Enjoy God’s Gifted Day.” Powell Jr. received a four-year basketball scholarship at UC Santa Barbara after high school.

Interestingly, Powell Jr. is also a dropout from his university. He dropped out of the University after one year of staying there. The step was taken by Powell to focus on movies. Powell Jr. reportedly met Sasha after being transferred to USC in the autumn of 2021. She spent two years at the University of Michigan. And that was probably the start of their relationship.

The very first appearance of Shasha and Powell was made this week only but it’s still not known how the couple met each other. Sasha and her 6-foot-5 beau were photographed walking together. She was seen carrying a maxi dress along with a beautiful crop top and Birkenstock clogs. On the other hand, Powell Jr. was dressed basically in a pant, a t-shirt, and a shirt in his hands. He always loves to dress casually.

Powell Jr. has worked for Peloton and Nike by curating videos for these brands. Additionally, a project with his father is also in transit. Powell Jr. appears to have Obama’s blessing! Michelle Obama was the one who revealed Sasha had a boyfriend. Seems like things are pretty chill concerning Shasha and Powell’s relationship.

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