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Meet Bryan Tanaka: All About Mariah Carey’s Boyfriend

All she wants for Christmas is him!

Singer Mariah Carey was recently spotted greeting fans in New York City on Thursday. However, she was not alone and was accompanied by her current boyfriend Bryan Tanaka. The couple was seen arriving at a dinner together and enjoying some quality life.

You are in the right place if you are also one of the people interested in Mariah Carey’s love life and want to know more about her current boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka. Today we tell you everything we know about Bryan.

Here are the details:

Who Is Bryan Tanaka?

Bryan is a choreographer and dancer based in America. He was born on 11 April 1983 which makes him 39 years old currently. He was born in Olympia, Washington, and was raised in Lacey. His birth name is Bryan Kekoa Tanaka.

Apart from dancing and choreography, Bryan is a man of many talents. He is also professionally trained in martial arts and is a black belt holder in Tai Kwan Do. He started dancing at the early age of 18 and worked as a background dancer for many years.


Bryan has had a very impressive career as a professional dancer. His first-ever recognized performance was on HBO’s “Entourage”. From then on, he has worked with many prominent celebrities in the music industry. His most popular appearances are in “La La Land”, “Beyoncé Feat. Lady Gaga: Video Phone”, and “Mariah Carey & Khalid & Kirk Franklin: Fall in Love at Christmas”.

He has also performed with Madonna at the Brid Music Awards as well as the Grammys. He has also worked as a creative director and choreographer for Mariah Carey. Besides dancing, he also has a successful career as a model and actor.

Bryan Tanaka Net Worth

Bryan has achieved a pretty successful career in the industry and has a lot of connections. He is often spotted mingling with other popular celebrities. According to Wealthy Persons, Brian has amassed a fortune worth $500, 000 in the entertainment industry.

Mariah and Bryan

Mariah and Bryan have been in an on-off relationship for many years. Rumors of their relationship date back to 2016. However, the two were working together even before they were in a relationship. Tanaka met Mariah in 2006 while he was a background dancer for her “Adventures of Mimi” tour.

The budding romance between the two began while Mariah was dating billionaire James Packer. She was seen giving Tanaka a lap dance in her reality show which Packer didn’t like and got jealous. Soon after that, Mariah broke up with him in 2017 and later announced that she was dating Bryan.

The two have been briefly split a few times over the years but their relationship still goes strong.



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