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McNabb Thinks Vick Deserves To Start – Shocking!

Donovan McNabb & Michael VickIt was nice to see Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb keeping himself busy during Super Bowl week. McNabb took time away from talking about his own contractual status to talk about fellow Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick. Donovan McNabb said in an ESPN interview that he feels Michael Vick deserves a chance to be a starter. I cannot believe that McNabb would even dream of wanting Vick to play on another team next season. Shocking isn’t it?

The comments from McNabb are stunning in light of McNabb’s history in Philadelphia. McNabb has never been the kind of guy to speak up for his teammates when it came to trades or negotiations. McNabb has said many times over the last eleven years that he prefers not to get involved with other player’s issues with management. McNabb said nothing to back up Terrell Owens, Hank Fraley,  Brian Dawkins, or Brian Westbrook when they were trying to re-negotiate their deals to stay in Philly. Mike Vick on the other hand continues to make statements about leaving Philly to start elsewhere and McNabb has his back. Quite frankly, McNabb worked harder last week than Vick’s agent to get him out of town. A bit of irony wouldn’t you say?

First of all, what did any objective eye see while watching Michael Vick that makes you believe he deserves to be a starter? Can he be a starter? Sure, has anyone watched JaMarcus Russell, Mark Brunell, or Trent Edwards lately? Does he deserve to be a starter? Sure, if you think three gimmick touchdowns earn you the right to hold one of 32 of the most prestigious jobs in professional sports. Why not throw him in the Hall of Fame while we are at it?

Tensions have subsided a bit since the Eagles signed Vick and as an Eagles fan, I look back with an objective eye and I can honestly say that Vick was a waste of money, time, drama, and a roster spot. It was evident quickly that Michael Vick 2009 was not the same Michael Vick of 2004. How anyone expected this guy to walk back in the NFL after being away from the game for two years and not miss a beat still continues to astound me. The bottom line is that Vick was not ready for prime time or to even be a part-time for that matter.

Instead of keeping Vick and McNabb in the same package and confusing defenses, Andy Reid opted to rather sub Vick in for McNabb during the game, in the midst of drives. The only ones confused were the Eagles who continually blew time outs whenever Vick would stroll in or wind up moving backwards. It was as if Andy Reid was pulling a practical joke on his entire team. It wasn’t until the last quarter of the season until Reid started playing McNabb and Vick at the same time that defenses started to become confused, and the offense started moving forward. In my opinion, the whole idea of this gadget play offense with Vick was a complete and utter failure.

Did Vick had his moments in the 2009-2010 season? He did, three of them to be exact. The first came when Vick returned as a conquering hero to his former team in Atlanta, GA. The hero received a thunderous welcome echoed with loud boos which surprised Vick’s #1 groupie, Donovan McNabb. Vick answered with a couple touchdowns against his old team. Keep in mind that there were numerous starters missing from the Falcons, but hey the Eagles love redemption.

Then there was that touchdown thrown against the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. As a matter of a fact, it was the only touchdown thrown against the Cowboys in eight quarters of play. Hey, the pass was beautiful and it was surely a glimpse of what Vick used to be. However, this was a play set up throughout the entire season as Al Michaels pointed out on the broadcast. It was a nice touchdown, but that was about the only positive play that Vick contributed in those eight quarters. Does that sounds like a guy ready to start in the NFL?

I am not even going to get into the Ed Block Courage fiasco. I have written about it and quite honestly, there is nothing more that can be said that hasn’t already.

So here we are back to Donovan McNabb. McNabb is faced with doing something practically unheard of from a franchise quarterback, play his contract year. As it stands today, McNabb will be going into next season without any security. For someone as injury-prone as McNabb, that is dangerous. I think back to former Eagles linebacker Byron Evans who did the same thing, broke his leg, and never played again.

Compound this with the fact that the Eagles arguably have more depth at quarterback  than any other team in the NFL. While the jury is out on Kevin Kolb, he is regarded as a future starter by most NFL experts. Michael Vick, according to Donovan himself should be an NFL starter. Unlike most situations where the franchise quarterback is in the driver’s seat, the franchise actually has more leverage in these negotiations than usual. As much as the Eagles would probably like to keep McNabb around, they are going to have a set price, and have the luxury of saying goodbye to their QB if they can’t come to an agreement.

Now why would Donovan McNabb be so adamant, so proud, and so focused on telling ESPN and anyone else with a microphone that Michael Vick deserves to be a starter next season? Funny how he never used the word “here” when making these statements about Vick. Notice how he never said the same thing about Kevin Kolb, who deserves to be a starter next season a lot more than Vick does. Of course he doesn’t, because Kolb would be starting in Philadelphia. McNabb knows that out of the three, Vick won’t get the starting gig over Kolb and McNabb so all of the sudden he is now comfortable playing General Manager.

As a lifelong Eagles fan, I have had it with McNabb. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a real phony when it comes to sticking up for his teammates. He won’t stick up for his offensive linemen, his safety, his running back, or his wide receivers when they complain about management and ask for new contracts so they can stay here and play. Yet another quarterback on the team starts making waves about wanting to be traded and McNabb is out there doing everything but showing off game film to promote his backup. The jig is up and even I as someone who defended him for ten years can see through this ruse.

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