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Maximizing Seth Rollins’ WWE Return

Seth Rollins is reportedly very close to a WWE return. Some sources even indicate that the former WWE World Heavyweight champion could make his return to WWE TV in early June. That would mean Rollins would be back in action just seven months after tearing up his knee. This meaningful event should not be underestimated. For a guy who was on top of the WWE food chain in November, it will be all the more important that he returns with a huge impact.

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Most reports claim he’ll be back as a major babyface and will instantly set his sights on the title which he was forced to forfeit; that would mean pitting him against current titleholder Roman Reigns, should he retain after his clash with AJ Styles. Rollins is very talented in the ring and has real charisma on the microphone. He’s proved it as a heel, and his skills would propel him as a babyface. He’s over with the audience and live crowds. It’s a tempting option, but a terribly predictable one, and I’d argue it’s not the only option.

There is no doubt that he needs to be and deserves to be booked strongly upon returning to the ring. This is a man, after all, who had beef with the Authority, then was sidelined; and now, with the dawn of the new era and his absence factored in, WWE has simply moved on to other matters. His return to the spotlight should be more organic than force-fed. Rollins should be bitter and resentful that WWE has forgotten about him. These powerful feelings could drive his momentum and slide him back into a potential title hunt and/or a quest for revenge. Let’s not make him an immediate heel or babyface. Let’s make him tread that tweener line, tease the audience, and make him unpredictable with regard to what he wants to achieve as a returning superstar. WWE Creative would be wise to let his ego push him forward and have him initially take his controlled aggression out on jobbers.

Rollins shouldn’t come back as a former whining, cowardly champion, but more as a force. It would be in his interest that WWE doesn’t remind audiences of his booking as a champion prior to his injury. Back then he was a subject of criticism. Though he was doing a good job with the title, he could have looked better. His character showed cowardice in the ring. He defended his title as a champion multiple times, but most of those bouts were not won cleanly. As a sellout champ his character thrived, but we need a credible and powerful Rollins when he returns, not a slimy guy who was once shielded by Kane or by J&J Security.

No, Rollins needs to showcase his wrestling abilities and take his aggression out on his rivals. But at the same time, he needs to be unpredictable. That fact alone would keep audiences guessing what his intentions are. WWE Creative mustn’t rush him into a feud; they should build him up first as a dominant and independent predator.

Rollins’ title hunt can be kept for later. Let him win several matches. And when he is at the peak of his dominating confidence, he could finally throw down the gauntlet, expose the focus of his return, and outline his long-term plans, which would obviously include reclaiming the title he never lost. But first things first: revenge, and the initial target of his comeback: Triple H.

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Rollins and Triple H have a lot of personal history, which has roots when The Shield was still a faction. Rollins aligned with Triple H to gain power. The Game was a mentor to Rollins. Then egos clashed and tensions built up. It would also be Hunter’s cue to reappear on WWE TV for the first time since losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32, and begin a new feud. WWE Creative would be killing two birds with one stone by giving a storyline to both Triple H and Rollins and by booking this match for a summer pay-per-view, preferably SummerSlam.

The WWE roster as it stands today may well be one of the deepest WWE has ever had. Each superstar will be seeking his/her share of the limelight. But with the addition of Rollins to the mix – which cannot be ignored – the booking options get even more interesting and can potentially offer us some must-see television in the coming months.

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