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Mauricio Shogun Rua Wants To Fight Anderson Silva

It doesn’t seem to get any easier predicting Anderson Silva’s next fight. Last week Silva’s management were trying to make super fights while balking at potential fights with UFC contenders. A new name has jumped into the mix, one that could potentially jump to the front of the line.

[adinserter block=”2″]Mauricio Shogun Rua may not admit it, but it would appear that he is looking past Brandon Vera. Quite frankly, who could blame him? Vera wouldn’t even be in the UFC if it weren’t for a positive PED test from his last opponent. Shogun is reportedly the favorite from the UFC to get a light heavyweight title shot with a win against Vera. However, Shogun’s interests could take him down a different path.

Shogun was recently asked about his next fight. Shogun is quick to talk Jon Jones and believes that he and his camp have seen enough of Jones to solve the Bones Jones puzzle. Before you laugh and mock the former champion, remember that Shogun solved the Lyoto Machida puzzle at a time when Machida appeared unbeatable. As difficult as the Bones puzzle would be to master, Shogun also eyes on the most difficult puzzle in MMA.

I would like to face Anderson (Silva). He is the best of all times but I only would take him as a light-heavyweight. I can’t drop to the middleweight division.

This could be the super fight that Silva’s camp has been waiting for. Silva and the UFC’s desires for a Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre super fight appear to be falling on deaf ears. GSP appears to have very little interest in the fight. Nick Diaz is also under consideration, but my guess is that the UFC wants to keep Diaz in the welterweight division until he fights GSP. With Silva’s lack of interest in the UFC middleweight contenders and preference for super fights, Shogun Rua could be the perfect choice for all involved.

The UFC will be returning to Brazil in October. A Shogun vs. Anderson Silva super fight would be a gigantic main-event for that show. Silva has already fought at light heavyweight and Shogun offers Silva an aggressive challenge depending upon which Rua shows up to fight. I have to believe that with GSP disinterested and Diaz suspended until February, this would be the way to go if the UFC are looking for an Anderson Silva super fight.

I will be the first to admit that there are a lot of variables involved here that could work against or for the fight. If Shogun wins handily against Vera, the UFC will want to shoot him to the front of the light heavyweight title line. But what if Dan Henderson wins against Jon Jones? The UFC could be pressured into going with a rematch, leaving their new number-one contender out in the cold. If that is the case, why not make the fight with the promise that Rua remains the top contender win or lose? As controversial as it would be to shoot Rua to a title shot off a brutal Anderson Silva loss, it makes as much sense as shooting Rua to the front of the line with a win over Brandon Vera.

[adinserter block=”1″]As I pointed out here on the CCB, Anderson Silva needs to make a choice. If Silva wants to remain UFC middleweight champion, he needs to look at title defenses before super fights. If he wants to finish his career strictly as a super fight fighter, he needs to vacate the belt and open up the division. If that is the case, it would appear that there are no shortage of opponents waiting to test their meddle against the Spider.

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