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Matt Hardy’s Excuse Making Is Running On Empty

Jeff and Matt HardyParaphrasing Rodgers and Hammerstein from their “The Sound of Music”musical, “How do you solve a problem like Matt Hardy?”I mean, ever since the split of the very over Hardy Boyz, and brother Jeff Hardy‘s dismissal from WWE circa 2005, it has been one thing after another with Matt Hardy.

From the 2005 Love Triangle scandal to his “feuds”with internet writers, to his pretty much forcing WWE to release him via his videos, and blaming everyone for his own mishaps, to his recent DWI accident, it is getting harder and harder to accept his excuses. I am really tired of hearing his nonsense.

As everyone knows by now, Matt Hardy was busted over the weekend for DWI, and was subsequently released by TNA. Hardy was serving a suspension from TNA Wrestling , along with his brother Jeff Hardy for allegedly refusing to go to rehab, as well as for poor behavior such as skipping shows, and being late for shows, etc. Well, even though Jeff is still dealing with legal issues over drugs, and is still on TNA’s roster (presumably because he is seen as more of a money maker for TNA), TNA’s Dixie Carter grew a back bone and gave Matt his walking papers. In my opinion, it was about time that someone told Matt that there are consequences to his actions.

[adinserter block=”2″]As the large majority of wrestling fans, both casual and internet, know of Matt Hardy’s issues, and of his excuse making for them, I am going to start by saying his excuse making is running on empty, and he needs to realize that he has to change his ways.

If I could give Matt Hardy a gimmick, it would be “the Victim.” Hardy has played “the Victim”to the hilt, and it started back in 2005 with the Love Triangle. I was on to Matt pretty quickly actually. I had a sneaking suspicion that if he was quick to run to the internet and cry about his breakup with Lita, and lead an internet attack on both Lita and Edge, even using Edge’s wife at the time (the second one) to write some hysterical diatribe , well why wouldn’t Matt Hardy go run to the internet if something else didn’t go his way?

Of course, once Matt got his job back, I realize once the angle got going, comments were worked shoot. Funny though how people now with Matt’s DWI, don’t want others piling on Matt. When the scandal first broke, and Lita and Edge were crushed online mercilessly as if they KILLED someone, no one (except me) said that people shouldn’t pile on. Interesting.

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Well, how right I was, I mean, he went on Twitter and was slamming‘s Jason Powell. He attacked for writing the story about his being sent home from Europe during his last year in WWE. He tried to trick fans on You Tube that everything said about him was a lie. However, what Matt could not lie about was his appearance. In those You Tube videos, he looked blasted, and wasted. That was no lie. How could he explain that? I also would like him to explain how he could watch his girlfriend tasered. It is right there on

[adinserter block=”1″]All Matt Hardy has done, is make excuse, after excuse saying this is not true, etc. His friends like Shane Helms are no different in trying to defend him. If you dare disagree with Helms, he will curse you out on twitter from my understanding. All this is just getting old. This is the same Helms who insults Shawn Michaels all the time, mind you.

I am tired of Matt Hardy’s excuse making. I am tired of Matt playing “Oh woe is me.”Matt needs to take responsibility for his actions. I understand there were some things he couldn’t control like his abdominal injury which is a very tough injury to come back from. I understand he has been hurt romantically, and such. However, he is in a very serious situation, and he needs to finally realize that he needs help. He can not stop running from his responsibilities forever.

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