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Matt Hardy Wins the TNA Wrestling Title at Bound for Glory 2015

TNA Wrestling has a new world champion. Matt Hardy capped off his comeback with his biggest career singles title win, winning the TNA world championship at Bound for Glory, unseating former champion Ethan Carter III.

[adinserter block=”1″]Matt Hardy has quietly made a strong comeback since hitting rock bottom four years ago. Hardy was a downward spiral that cost him jobs in both the WWE and TNA between 2010 and 2011. Since that time, Matt has stayed out of trouble, settled down in his personal life, and has rehabilitated a career some called dead back in 2011.

Hardy capped off the comeback winning the TNA world title at Bound for Glory 2015 on Sunday night. Hardy was a late entry to the match, only being officially advertised for the match a few days beforehand. Whether Hardy was originally scheduled to win the title or not is anyone’s guess. Logic would say no, yet it is TNA and there is very little logic in that company these days.

The match saw Hardy challenge Ethan Carter in a Triple Threat Match that included Drew Galloway. Jeff Hardy was the referee. Jeff was acting as Ethan’s servant in the storyline but refused to attack Matt. After clearing the ring of Carter, Matt hit a Twist of Fate on Galloway and covered him for the pin and the 1-2-3.

Matt celebrated in the ring with his wife, son, father, and brother. The finish of the match leaves the Carter vs. Hardy feud open as Carter wasn’t pinned in the match. Now whether these two guys will have a chance at progressing the feud is an entirely different story.

[adinserter block=”2″]Unfortunately Matt may wind up going down as a trivia note. TNA is on life support right now. The crowd was absolutely terrible for a show that is generally promoted like the company’s “WrestleMania.” TNA will lose their U.S. television as things stand today at the end of the year. Destination America has opted to move on and will no longer air Impact beginning in January. TNA has probably never been at its lowest, at least externally.

Matt at least gives the company a recognizable name they can use when shopping their television. With Kurt Angle leaving the company next year and Jeff Hardy’s future in doubt, Matt becomes the most recognizable name the company has on its roster. Is the name “Matt Hardy” enough to get TNA the kind of a television deal they are looking for?

We’ll find out in January.

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