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Matt Hardy Vs. TNA Wrestling Version 1.0

Matt HardyRemember the good old days back in September while under a WWE contract when Matt Hardy encouraged fans to buy tickets for TNA house shows? Nine months later and now under a TNA contract, Matt Hardy is now encouraging TNA fans to get refunds.

I love Matt Hardy. I really do. The guy has turned into God’s gift to pro wrestling bloggers. As long as Matt Hardy has an active Twitter account, I will always have something to blog about as will the hundreds of my fellow bloggers. I don’t care if Matt Hardy is wrestling for the WWE, TNA, ROH, or the local backyard company, just please don’t ever take away Matt Hardy’s Twitter account!

It all started last week when I blogged about a story that flew under the radar about TNA Wrestling suspending Matt Hardy. Matt tweeted last week that TNA had given him a vacation and actually seemed pretty excited about it.

Between dates, injuries, & outside issues, I’m gonna have a few week off & I’m ecstatic! The Matt Hardy Movement is going into full effect!” – @MATTHARDYBRAND

[adinserter block=”2″]Well it appears that Matt’s enthusiasm about his vacation was short lived. After I reported on the initial tweet, a few members of the wrestling media investigated a bit more and revealed that Matt had been suspended for repeatedly appearing late to TNA Wrestling events and oh yeah, that little video he posted featuring he and his brother Jeff Hardy using a taser gun on Matt’s girlfriend Reby Sky.

Of course it didn’t take Matt long to acknowledge those reports. For a guy that doesn’t care what the “dirt sheet writers” say about him, I have never seen a guy respond faster to news stories on his Twitter in my life.

Just checked out the headlines on the ‘net.. They make me smile 🙂 Everything’s cool in life-luv it! It’s 95 out but I’m not sweating 😉” – @MattHardyBrand

u certainly can’t believe everything u read. There’s always details to situations that they have no clue about & therefore report incorrectly.” – @MattHardyBrand

Notice the time stamp differences between both tweets. For two days the guy is denying stories yet doesn’t offer his version of events. Keep in mind that this was the same game he played when he was sent home from the WWE for disciplinary reasons, when Jeff Hardy was suspended, when Jeff was arrested, when Shane Helms was being investigated for a DUI, etc. Matt’s modus operandi is to deny everything, even in the face of substantial evidence. It’s an old and tired card already.

Was Matt sorry about being suspended over tardiness?

Good afternoon my Twitter family, hope everyone is wonderful 2day. Sorry I’m so late in tweeting today-hope Twitter doesn’t “suspend” me 🙂” – @MattHardyBrand

Remember this is Matt Hardy and Matt Hardy is cool and will fight the power and always stand up for the fans. So, the same guy who couldn’t be happier about joining TNA Wrestling a few months ago told his followers on Twitter that they should demand refunds (or in other words, stay home) from this weekend’s house shows because he wasn’t on it and as you all know, there is nothing worth seeing TNA Wrestling other than the Hardy brothers.

If you asked for a refund in Ft. Wayne cuz I wasn’t there, tweet me your story & I will RT it.. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – @MattHardyBrand

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From that point on, Matt retweeted a few tweets from fans upset that he wasn’t there. One retweet claimed that a group of 30 fans protested and got free merchandise. Yes, a whopping 30 fans! Matt also retweeted tweets from fans who said they wouldn’t watch TNA Wrestling anymore because the Hardys aren’t on.

All in all out of Matt Hardy’s 196,764 followers, he found seven fans upset that he isn’t currently being booked in TNA Wrestling. The irony here is that it was not as if TNA Wrestling removed Matt without cause. He is the reason he wasn’t there with his tardiness and asinine videos so if anyone should be refunding his fans, it should be of course the man of the people Matt Hardy.

Oh yeah and not everyone found Matt’s tweets about TNA Wrestling’s Fort Wayne, Indiana house show all that funny. TNA wrestler Abyss who was on the Ft. Wayne show took exception to Matt’s tweets. Chris Park (Abyss) was not amused.

Our roster of talent is the best and brings everything they have to the ring everynite and our Impact live events give the fans alot for their money. No refunds required or requested. Thanks for being great fans no matter whos on the show. You guys are the best. Now back to my Sun Tzu.” – @therealabyss

I saw one blogger ask whether Matt Hardy is purposely trying to get himself fired from TNA. If he is, that would certainly explain his weekend of Twitter activity. I can’t see the purpose of burning the last real bridge you have of making a good living as a professional wrestler in America. I don’t see Matt ever being welcomed back in the WWE and if he really wanted to leave and re-start Omega full time I am sure he could just simply ask for a release. I think we would be giving Matt a little too much credit to chalk this all up to strategy.

[adinserter block=”1″]Can TNA Wrestling really bring Matt Hardy back at this point? He has shown no remorse whatsoever for his punishment and has openly mocked the company through social media. These are the same actions that plagued him the last couple of years in the WWE. Not only has he angered management, but he has now angered members of the locker room. There may be no turning back at this point for TNA Wrestling.

Looking past the sarcasm here, there is a little part of me that is sad to see someone self destruct so publicly the way Matt Hardy has. He really doesn’t seem like a bad guy compared to some of the things you hear about other people in the business. He just appears to be a guy that is having a real hard time accepting the idea that 2000 has passed him by and his future in a major pro wrestling company is as nothing more than a utility guy.

I don’t want to ever see anyone fired from their job. Most of us have been there and it sucks. But I don’t see how TNA Wrestling can continue to keep a guy under contract telling his fans to stay home or ask for refunds at local house shows. In the end person getting hurt the most is the local promoter who wants Matt on their show more than Matt does. Keeping him around sends a bad vibe and set a double standard, then again his brother is still under contract after showing up for a main-event in no condition to wrestle.

So if Matt really is trying to get himself fired, he has a lot more work to do.

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  1. In all honesty, Mr Hardy can no longer class himself as a pro wrestler. When you've lost your professionalism and any semblance of in ring ability it pretty much negates the role. It's a shame that instead of being remembered for ground breaking high risk tag team matches he will most likely be immortalised as a whining egocentric who made a bunch of self absorbed drunken videos. Oh yeah, and also as the single most destructive influence on Jeff Hardy's life. Don't get me wrong, Jeff's a grown man and must take responsibility for his addictions. However, over the years it's always been Jeff the talent and Matt the business man. Look at TNA – Jeff spent a highly successful year in TNA before his brother turned up (as usual dragging in on Jeff's coat tails) and then? It's not long before Jeff starts turning up late, unfit to compete and finally disgraces himself at a PPV while his 'doting' older brother sits back stage feigning ignorance. 'Yoko' anyone?! R.I.P. Matt Hardy.


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