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Inside The Wheelhouse: How Matt Hardy has used the internet to turn fans against him

Matt HardyBack in 2005 Matt Hardy had the internet in the palm of his hands. He was the first WWE wrestler to truly use the internet to his benefit. Prior to Matt Hardy reaching out to the internet it was a world that wrestlers would typically trash and never give the time of day. Wrestling fans on the internet were often called “smarks” or other words often said by JBL. It was never used to one’s benefit and it use to leverage getting a job back in the WWE.

In 2005 Matt Hardy was involved in what we are told was a very real, very awful love triangle involving his girlfriend at the time Lita a.k.a Amy Dumas and at the time the married Edge a.k.a Adam Copeland. Matt Hardy used the internet to his leverage by taking his dirty laundry and airing it out in front of the world of the internet wrestling fans. The move would go on to cost him a job with the WWE.

Due to Matt Hardy using the internet to his best benefit he was able to round up the internet fan base to get behind him in his fight against the machine that was the WWE. Chants of “you screwed Matt” would echo throughout the arenas when the WWE was in town and those players involved with the love triangle would ignore them until it became an actual storyline played out on TV. Hardy would make his shocking return to the WWE right in the midst of a small run on the independent circuits.

[adinserter block=”1″]Matt Hardy was able to take the internet whether it was a work or a shoot the whole time and get them behind his back. He had become one of the most popular wrestlers in the eyes of one of the most critical of wrestling fan bases with the internet fans. He was some sort of cult hero in the eyes of many.

Fast forward your clock to 2010 and Matt Hardy has been able to completely turn most of the internet wrestling fans against him with his latest tirade of social networking posts & youtube videos. This once beloved wrestler by the fans was now someone who appeared to be his own biggest fan more then anyone else in wrestling. He was his own biggest mark.

The internet world was a buzz when Matt Hardy was sent home from the recent WWE UK Tour & several house tour runs in the United States, one that garnered him front page storylines on many, if not all wrestling news websites. Hardy did not take to kindly the websites when he attempted to shoot down those reports by giving us a youtube video that he was indeed still in the UK. The move garnered him so much controversy that a WWE spokesman had to confirm that Matt Hardy was indeed sent home from the UK tour, something we see WWE very rarely do.

From there Matt Hardy became his own worst enemy. He used the tool that he was once able to dominate the internet and make him look like a complete delusional fool. He used his Twitter to become his own biggest mark and post tweets that he was looking to get released by the WWE so he could be “free.” He made references and outright mention other big name wrestling promotions in the United States such as TNA & ROH.

What he saw as a cry for freedom many wrestling fans, including this one right here, saw it is as someone being a crybaby and coming off like a jerk. Here was a guy that has been able to make a living the last 10+ years in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. He has been able to put the food on his table, build the house he wants and live the life he has been able to live while there is plenty of independent wrestlers out there that can’t even get a tryout with the WWE.

Here he is complaining about what the WWE has “done to him.” What have they done to you Matt? They write a paycheck for you every week and your living your dream job. You haven’t been successful in the ring because you just don’t click with the fans anymore. Has that ever come to mind at all?

[adinserter block=”2″]Sure Matt Hardy has his people out there, his supporters, but he has been able to take someone like me, who supported him for most of his career, enjoyed his work and appreciate how he respected wrestling fans. He has taken me and completely put me in a position where I support WWE’s decision in releasing him because he clearly doesn’t deserve what he has right now.

Go run to TNA and live a gimmick with your brother that hasn’t been topical in over five years now. I do not want to see The Hardy Boyz do “poetry in motion” in a little soundstage at Universal studios. It does nothing for me. The days of The Hardy Boyz have come and gone. The WWE knew it for years and that’s why you became a singles star.

Instead of complaining why don’t you just suck it and do the best you can to entertain the fans that use their hard earned money to buy a ticket to watch you wrestle or wear a shirt that bares your name on it? I don’t ever remember people jumping back on the Titanic as it sank so I don’t get why you would want to go the TNA wrestling in the next chapter of your career. Appreciate what you got and remember there are thousands upon thousands of wrestlers that would give up their lives to have your spot on the WWE roster.

While Matt Hardy feels like he is done with the WWE, the same feeling is what I and many have regarding him. I’m done with Matt Hardy; I’m done with acknowledging his ridiculous tweets on multiple accounts and his youtube videos where he whines for three minutes. Go to TNA, have fun with your career and ten years from now I will possibly run into you at some comic book convention where you are signing autographs for $10 with “Wrestling Superstar Matt Hardy” in the background.

Count your blessings and appreciate what you have. Those who are selfish will never prosper in this game of life. Congrats on turning the internet fan base against you Matt Hardy, best of luck to you in all of your “future endeavors.”

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  1. Matt Hardy is an amazing wrestler, but I have always been a bigger fan of Jeff Hardy. I still had respect for him, although he was a jerk to everybody.


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