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Matt Hardy, If It Is Broke…Don’t Fix It

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Let’s be honest, if you put him under a microscope, you would find a great many flaws in the character that is Broken Matt Hardy. His acting is awful, the storylines barely makes sense, and even Hardy himself looks ridiculous. Yet, despite my best effort, I’m enjoying every minute of Broken Matt’s weekly exploits. It’s even got to the point where I look forward to TNA on Thursdays, something that hasn’t happened in many years. I can’t help but wonder, why do I find a character and storyline so flawed, this enjoyable?

Firstly, I love the awful acting and the ridiculous accent. The accent is kind of a cross between British and a villain in a B-level horror film. It makes me chuckle every time. I mentioned the “awful “acting earlier. Notice, I used the word “awful”. You see, I think there’s a difference between “bad” and “awful”, in the context of entertainment. To me, “bad” is forgettable, uninteresting, and simply a waste of time. However, if taken to an extreme “bad” becomes “awful”, and “awful” can be hilarious. If I’m laughing, then I’m entertained and at the end of the day, isn’t that why we watch this stuff? It’s great to see a performer as accomplished as Hardy, not take himself too seriously, and be willing to have a little fun.

Secondly, Hardy’s supporting cast might be the most entertaining pseudo-faction TNA has come up with. The promotion that featured The Main Event Mafia, The Beat Down Klan, and the cringe-worthy Aces and Eights, might have found their most entertaining faction yet. Who would have thought a wrestling stable that consists of a housewife, a landscaper, and drone, could be this compelling? Each member plays their part pretty well.

You have Reby Sky, Hardy’s wife and protector of their son “King” Maxel. Then there’s Senor Benjamin, Hardy’s soft-spoken and loyal landscaper, who’s ready and willing to literally bury Hardy’s foes. And who could forget Vanguard 1? A drone that’s seems to be half pet and half fierce family protector. Lastly, you have Jeff Hardy aka Brother Nero. Nero, who was “deleted” after losing a bizarre match, was forced to give up the Hardy name and trademark to Broken Matt. He originally followed Matt’s orders reluctantly, until he finally snapped after a match and willingly accepted the name, Brother Nero. If you ever want to have some fun, try explaining this faction and their storylines to your nonwresling fan friends, at your next dinner party.

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Finally, the storyline doesn’t insult our intelligence. There is nothing about the presentation that’s asking anyone, in any way shape or form, to suspend their disbelief. From Abyss falling into the water and coming out as Joseph Parks to Rosemary spitting bizarre goo into Matt Hardy’s mouth and him catching it, it’s clear that the writers have thrown reality out the window and are just trying to take us on a fun ride. So I say, let’s just enjoy it while we can, because like all wrestling characters and storylines, sooner or later, they will fade away and be classified as obsolete.

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