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Matt Hardy Calls For A Truce After Jeff Tasers His Girlfriend

The Hardys taser Reby SkyMatt Hardy has a message for the dirt sheet writers in his newest You Tube video. Hardy is now asking for a truce with the dirt sheet writers and says he will only worry about himself from here on out.

[adinserter block=”2″]The video comes after a fairly controversial week for the Hardy brothers. Earlier this week, Matt released a disturbing video which featured himself and his brother Jeff using a taser gun on his girlfriend, Reby Sky. Matt later pulled the video off You Tube due to “negative comments”. I guess Matt was hoping we would all find the visual of a woman being tasered by two men in their 30s funny. Guess what? Not many people did.

And oh by the way, I think this is serious cause of discipline by TNA Wrestling. Whether Reby was okay with the tasering or not, it was pretty nasty watch. All of the sudden violence on women is something to celebrate? I am shocked that TNA Wrestling has not taken action on the Hardys. It really is reprehensible.

Here we are a few days later and Matt and Jeff Hardy return to You Tube with a new production. Jeff opened the video proudly taking credit for the taser production, told everyone how well he was doing, and then went off to water his father’s garden. Matt then takes over and tells everyone that we all have big misconceptions about his brother Jeff. He talks about how much he loves his brother which I can appreciate. He closes with calling a truce with the dirt sheets. Was there a war I missed?

This “war” apparently started last year when the WWE was sent Matt home from a European tour. A glassy eyed Matt immediately took to You Tube and called the dirt sheet writers all liars. This began a really bizarre trend of Matt going online and refuting negative stories reported about him by the dirt sheet writers, that all happened to be true. Matt’s last rant came when he denied a story about Shane Helms being investigated for a DUI, yet displayed a police report saying differently.

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There has never been a war with the dirt sheet writers against Matt. If Matt going online every week to rebut reports that generally turn out to be true is a war, well then I just hope no blood was shed. The irony here is that this war has turned Matt from being an Internet darling to a complete joke among most fans. Just read Matt’s own You Tube page before he deletes the negative comments. There isn’t a whole lot of fan support for Matt Hardy out there these days.

[adinserter block=”1″]Instead of being so concerned with the dirt sheets, Matt should concern himself with backing up everything he said he was going to do when he was released by the WWE. He made all of these boasts about controlling his own destiny. Unless something better is in the works, Matt has been a fairly average member of the roster in TNA thus far. If wrestling at house shows in front of a few hundred people is what he had in mind when he bragged he would control his own destiny, mission accomplished.

Matt and Jeff still have their fans and I think that is great. If a fan enjoys watching someone wrestle, they shouldn’t let a negative report about their behavior influence their interest. But, it isn’t like what it was before Matt started releasing these strange videos to You Tube and turned into a parody of himself. The dirt sheets didn’t do that to Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy did that to Matt Hardy.

Updated – has posted the tasering video on their website. Watch it here.

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  1. Best part of this article? Makes me wish I watched that video which I guess turned out to be more entertaining than I would have guessed. All I can find of this "Reby Sky" girl is pics decked out in NY Giants gear, so hopefully she was wearing a Manning jersey when it happened. It also sounds like it was a stunt, not a violent act against another human.

    As for Hardy being fairly average in TNA, I'd give him slightly more credit than that. If you don't count Jarrett, who's been off doing his own thing, Hardy has stepped up as Immortal's secondary wrestler behind Ray. It's not much, but keeps him on TV and I have to say Matt looks a lot better than when he initially debuted.


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