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Updated – Matt Hardy Arrested For DWI, Released From TNA Wrestling

Matt Hardy mug shotMatt Hardy is certainly making the most of his “vacation” from TNA Wrestling. TMZ.com is reporting that Matt, while on vacation was arrested in North Carolina for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Hardy is currently on suspension from TNA, so one would presume that this could cost him his job.

The news broke Saturday night and is only starting to develop as of this blog. According to TMZ.com, Matt Hardy was arrested and held at the Moore County Jail in North Carolina today. Hardy was reportedly released around 7 PM/EST.

TMZ further reports that Hardy was discovered showing signs of impairment after his 2009 Corvette hit a tree. Hardy was driving alone and charged with DWI. Hardy did reportedly submit to a blood test and the results are pending. TMZ also reports that no contraband was found in his vehicle. I hope he hid that stun gun well.

[adinserter block=”2″]Matt Hardy is currently on suspension from TNA Wrestling after joining the company earlier this year. Matt was released from the WWE about 10 months ago after being sent home from a European tour for reportedly violating the Wellness Policy. Matt has denied those charges, including posting several videos on You Tube which show Matt glassy eyed and slurring his speech. It would appear with this arrest that the self destruction of Matt Hardy is coming full circle.

Hardy was sent home from TNA Wrestling shortly after posting a video on You Tube of Matt and his brother Jeff Hardy using a taser gun on Matt’s girlfriend Reby Sky. Dave Meltzer recently reported that TNA have been pressuring Matt and Jeff to go to rehab, yet to be fair Matt and Jeff deny the story.

Matt has been known over the last several months for his controversial behavior in the social media world. It all began when Matt was having his problems with the WWE and went on Twitter encouraging fans to buy tickets to see him in TNA. Since then, Matt has posted a ton of videos of You Tube in which he appears to be inebriated. Since being suspended he also went on Twitter and told TNA fans to ask for refunds from house shows since he wasn’t booked on them. Matt’s latest Twitter posting from yesterday is quite interesting considering today’s turn of events.

It’s time for me to get back to a healthy, happy place, the transformation his now started for me, for us-(New Chapter Will begin new)

That new chapter will likely begin somewhere else after today’s arrest. I can’t imagine TNA Wrestling having any more patience with Matt, especially with his brother already in the midst of a drug trial.

[adinserter block=”1″]To be fair, Matt was arrested on suspicion. That may be enough to keep his job if this was his first offense, but the countless videos of him on You Tube have gotten to the point of embarrassment. Kurt Angle also faced similar charges a year or so ago but wound up beating them in court, and never faced disciplinary action in the process. Then again, Matt Hardy is certainly no Kurt Angle.

It has gotten past the point of being funny anymore with Matt. This is a guy with serious issues that is stuck in 1998 and refuses to grow up. He has probably done more damage to his reputation in the last year than anyone I have seen in a long time. This won’t help and unfortunately until he acknowledges he has a problem, nothing will change in the immediate future.

Update: TMZ.com is now reporting that TNA Wrestling has released Matt Hardy.

Update: View Matt Hardy’s disturbing mugshot on TMZ.com.

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  1. As you put it, Eric, when Eddie Guerrero left the WWE, he cleaned himself up and focused on becoming a better wrestler and a better person. There is one other difference between Eddie and Matt; when Eddie was let go, he didn't go on a spree of trashing his former employer. Eddie knew better, as he knew there was always a chance he could go back if he cleaned himself up. Matt simply THINKS that, because he has some name value, he can just go back to whatever company he pleases based on name alone.

  2. He's already claiming he's going to go back to the WWE. I hate to break it to Mattykins, but unless he agrees to an insanely low salary and/or agrees to be humiliated by a midget on a weekly basis a'la Chavo Guerrero, WWE will never hire him back.

  3. I do see your point James but when you have television networks involved, you can't have one of the bigger stars of a company appearing repeatedly on TMZ.com for things like driving drunk and tasering his girlfriend. Personally. I think posting a video of your girlfriend being tasered is more cause to fire but at the end of the day it is their company and they can fire whoever they want for whatever reasons.

    It is no different when a major league sports athlete gets suspended for doing the same thing.

    And yes, Hardy did have a reputation for showing up late to shows. Not drunk, but overall the guy seemed to be more trouble than he's worth. The guy has pretty much just shut himself out of working for a major wrestling company, maybe forever. Can't blame anyone but himself.

  4. I think it is TNA's business if he's a drunk. Remember Jeff at Victory Road? Would you want to wrestle someone's who's in that condition? You'd let yourself in for injuries significantly more painful than a hangover.

  5. but I don't see why that should be anyone's business or TNA's business and why TNA should fire him. He has the right to be a drunk or drink. Is anyone giving Hardy money and those people that watch him i'm sure don't care if he has a DWI. Is not having one going to make him a better wreslter or a worse. I could see if he missed some matches or came drunk to wrestle. Yet i've heard many WWE fan boys keep mentioning to troll TNA on the Internet.


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