Matt and Jeff Hardy’s WWE Return and Other WWE Thoughts

The Hardys

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The news of Matt and Jeff Hardy being offered WWE contracts this week is the culmination of rumors that have been talked about for months. While I am not surprised at the move by WWE to bring back one of their more popular tag teams of all time, there is still plenty of obstacles to get past of the brothers are to step into a company ring in the future.

According to Ryan Satin, the Hardys, who left TNA in February after failed contract negotiations, have been working the independent circuit throughout March. They have a deal with Ring of Honor and defeated The Young Bucks for the promotion’s Tag Team championships at the Manhattan Mayhem VI event.

I like the idea of the veteran tag team making their way back to WWE as the brand split has left the tag teams in a bit of disarray. The Usos claimed the SmackDown Live tag team belts on Tuesday night from American Alpha while Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson own the belts on Raw. How would Matt and Jeff be booked and which brand will the show out for?

The “Broken” characters that the Hardy’s have portrayed have been widely popular, first in TNA and now in ROH. According to the story on Bleacher Report’s website, the two do not figure to come back as the characters they are now.

“With TNA and the Hardys currently embroiled in a legal battle over the “Broken” characters popularized in the promotion, a WWE reunion might make sense. A full-time WWE contract would provide the Hardys financial stability to fight TNA in court, while also protecting them in case of a judgment against them.”

The Miz and Maryse Get Over Once Again

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I am not in favor of the mixed tag team match booked WrestleMania 33 between The Miz and Maryse and John Cena and Nikki Bella, but the recent booking and promotion leading up to the event has been spectacular.

The vignette The Miz and Maryse did this past week on SmackDown Live, imitating their opponents was phenomenal, leading me to ask when will The Miz get another shot at the WWE World Title? If Bray Wyatt retains the belt at WrestleMania 33 by beating Randy Orton, will the company see fit to give the former WWE champion another shot at the title?

Also, how many legs does a feud like this have after Orlando? Is there a program for Cena and The Miz in the aftermath? Most of all, once WrestleMania 33 is done and gone, will fans care enough about this feud to keep it relevant on Tuesday nights?

The Problem With Four

The Fatal Four-Way match for the Raw Women’s Title is flawed to the high heavens. Can’t WWE stick to one plan or does it feel strongly that Bayley is a weak champion?

The former NXT champ and ever-popular superstar isn’t as strong a champion as she was in Orlando, which leads me to believe this match is to help her get over once again. The match also helps Nia Jax who doesn’t have a match to call her own and is still learning on the main roster.

The problem with this booking is it’s more of the same thing. Charlotte is the best in the division, Sasha Banks is playing second fiddle to Bayley and needs to turn heel. Bayley looks ineffective as a champion and Jax is extremely green.

Where is Paige when the company needs her? Injuries may have sidelined her, but the return of the former champion would do wonders to this division.

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