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MasterChef Season 12 Contestants, Judges, Release Date and Everything to Know

They are coming back!

Who doesn’t like watching Gordon Ramsay yelling at amateur chefs for messing up their cooking or just being bad in general? The absolute and ruthless environment in the show got everyone hooked to it soon enough and it became a franchise of its own. And in the blink of an eye 11 seasons have already passed.

The series was renewed for a 12th season back in August 2021 and was titled “Back to Win”. Makes you wonder what exactly is the meaning behind this title. Is someone coming back? Is it the judges or the contestants?

Well, we answer your doubts today in our compilation of everything we know about season 12 of MasterChef so far:

What’s New?

The last season titled Legends ended in 2021 September with Kelsey Murphy winning the crown. We have been promised that this year’s MasterChef is going to be very different from all the previous seasons that existed. But we know that the format is going to be similar. So what exactly has changed?

Well to be blunt, the change that has occurred this year is in the contestants. Until now, like a tradition, every year’s MasterChef has welcomed a new group of contestants. But season 12 will be surprisingly calling back contestants from previous seasons. These participants will be a total of 20 alums who did not manage to win in the previous seasons.

Out of these 20 alums, 18 will be previous seasons’ contestants and two will be from the Junior Edition of MasterChef who have now grown up into adults.

MasterChef Season 12 Contestants and Judges

The official handle of the series on Instagram shared many previews of the upcoming season and through that, we were also able to deduce the participants’ names and the names of Judges that will be appearing in the 12th season.

The three Judges that will be appearing in the show will be Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich. The guest judges that will be appearing are season 7 winner Shaun O’Neale, Season 3 winner Christine Ha, and renowned chef Wolfgang Puck.

Following are the names of the contestants that will be appearing:

  • Tommy (Season 6)
  • Michael (Season 10),
  • Derrick (Season 6),
  • Shelly (Season 6),
  • Brandi (Season 7),
  • Bri (Season 10)
  • Willie (Season 5)
  • Fred (Season 10)
  • Stephen (Season 6)
  • Gabriel (Season 8)
  • Samantha (Season 9)
  • Alejandro (Season 11)
  • Cate (Season 8)
  • Amanda (Season 6,
  • Christian (Season 5)
  • Bowen (Season 9)
  • Shanika (Season 9)
  • Emily (Season 9)
  • Dara (MasterChef Junior Season 1)
  • Shayne (MasterChef Junior Season 5)

MasterChef Season 12 Release Date & Where to Watch

The 12th season is scheduled to premiere its first episode on 25 May at 8:00 pm ET and will be broadcasted on the Fox channel. As for streaming services it will be available on Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN+ with a subscription plan. Other TV services include YouTube TV, Fubo TV, Philo, Sling, and DirecTV Stream.

The reward money for this season is $250, 000 and it will be interesting to see how previous years’ contestants will fare in a familiar battleground where they have already experienced hell.



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