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Marvel Studios Reshuffles Release Dates for ‘The Marvels’ and ‘Ant-Man 3’

Well, at least it’s not delayed?

In today’s world, where it has become common to see movies and series getting postponed or delayed for months or years, Marvel Cinematic Universe is out here giving us things earlier than scheduled. But is it just for the fans or is there a hidden motive behind it?

Not to make it sound sinister, but Disney and Marvel Studios have announced that the third installment of the Ant-Man movies titled “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” will be hitting the theatres way before its scheduled release date. But there’s a twist, the early release comes at the cost of a delayed release of another movie in the MCU.

So what exactly does this mean and what does it tell us about the future plans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us see:

Ant-Man 3 Is Early But Captain Marvel 2 Is Late

In a surprising turn of events, Disney and Marvel Studios announced that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will be released ahead of its schedule. However, earlier the movie was supposed to release in 2022 but got delayed to February 2023 which again got delayed to July 2023.

But now they announced that the movie will finally be released on February 2023, which is five months earlier than its scheduled release date. However, this early release came with a cost. The third installment of Ant-Man movies will be swapping its dates with “The Marvels”, which is supposedly the sequel of Captain Marvel.

This means that The Marvels was supposed to release in February 2023 but now it will be released in July 2023.

The Reason for the Swap

Marvel and Disney did not give any particular reason for the sudden swap of movies’ release dates. However, speculations say that it is because of the difference in the amount of completion the production of both movies has reached.

It was reported earlier that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has already finished shooting in November last year but The Marvels shooting is nowhere near completion. As much as it sounds understandable, it also means that the makers and the studio do not intend to closely connect these movies.

What it means is that, unlike the previous movies of the Infinity War era that were chronologically arranged and were closely connected to each other, the movies in this era are not that closely connected with each other which explains how Disney and Marvel Studios can nonchalantly swap the dates between two movies.

Other than that, no changes were made to the slate of the upcoming Marvel movies. Also, it is interesting to note that Kevin Feige revealed earlier that the plan for MCU movies is currently going up to 2032, which is a decade worth of movies all set for production.

The latest Marvel project will be Doctor Strange sequel that hit the theatres on May 6.



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