Mark Henry WWE RAW Retirement Angle


[adinserter block=”1″]It would appear that the reported planned Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena WWE championship match at Money in the Bank 2013 will be delayed. A shift in plans will see a new main-event which kicked off with arguable the WWE angle of the year.

Mark Henry has been in the news as of late with rumors of everything from retirement to him being in the dog house. One recent report from stated that Henry was in the dog house after abruptly taking time off due to an injury and not getting surgery. Well if this is the dog house than I am not sure being there is a bad thing.

Henry and the WWE played on those rumors Monday night with one of the best angles in a long time. Henry teased that he was going to announce his retirement on RAW. Henry was seen talking to members of the WWE throughout the night discussing his retirement. The official announcement came later in the night during a John Cena promo.

Henry came out in a pink jacket and gave an emotional speech about his career. The crowd ate it up with chants throughout the speech begging Henry to stay. Henry at one point pointed out that he was a former WWE world heavyweight and ECW champion but never held the WWE championship. Cena raised Henry’s hand up, both holding the belt as Henry paraded around the ring it for what was to be his farewell moment. Cena went to hug him and was quickly lifted up and dropped with the World’s Strongest Slam to officially kick off their feud.

Any of you old ECW fans instantly think of the Sandman-Tommy Dreamer retirement angle or was it just me?

This is a tough one here. On the one hand this was as good as it gets when it comes to a wrestling angle. I certainly have more interest in this feud than the Ryback-Cena feud. That said I can’t imagine these guys having matches anywhere near as good as the Ryback-Cena series. I like Mark Henry’s gimmick but he’s still Mark Henry in the ring. At the end of the day they do have to wrestle and I’m not sure it’s going to live up to the hype of that great angle.

The real bummer here is that this replaces a planned Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena match. I wrote last week on the website that I felt that this match would wind up moving to SummerSlam with Bryan winning MITB and cashing in at the big August event. It looks like that is where they are going. The bright side here is that Bryan will probably win the championship if this is the scenario that plays out. The downside is that the match won’t be in Philadelphia which would have been fantastic given Bryan’s roots to the city.

[adinserter block=”2″]Either way I have to tip my hat off to the WWE for pulling off an angle that nobody saw coming. It’s stories like this that make you wonder how many stories WWE “sources” intentionally plant to reporters to throw them off as opposed to giving reporters actual scoops.

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  1. Great column, Eric!

    The funny thing is, Ryback wasn't on Raw last night and barely anybody noticed/cared. This is the best angle I have seen all year and his promo has been the best since CM Punk's one 2 years ago!


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