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Mark Henry Identifies With Roman Reigns Character

The vignette of Mark Henry and Roman Reigns last week on Raw and the comments that have been made by the big veteran about Reigns’ potential title run hit the nail on the head for both wrestlers. If anyone knows about the battles in the ring, Henry has to be one of them. But his comments about Reigns and his place in the WWE are dead on. I like to think the comments he has made are more about the end of Henry’s career and what looks to be the start of a promising future for the soon-to-be world champion.

[adinserter block=”1″]In a story on Yahoo Sports (https://in.news.yahoo.com/mark-henry-talks-roman-reigns-111515713.html), Henry said it was the match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 22 that had the biggest impact on him as a wrestler, that it “changed him.” It will take a match like that to have the same effect on Reigns.

“If Roman attacks Brock the way he attacked Daniel Bryan at FastLane, then he can do big things. People always run off at the mouth on what people should do. I believe people should sit back and enjoy and if they don’t like what they’re seeing, tune them out. Fans have to realize that as big of an impact that they have on the industry, they’re not calling the shots. They should just sit back and enjoy the show. When fans go to football games, they’re not the ones calling the plays.

“There’s a different mentality with the fan base nowadays where the fans are reacting before storylines even have a chance to play out. People are commenting before stuff even happens. There used to be a time where the anticipation grew so much and that anticipation superseded everything else. However, that anticipation has lessened in today’s day and age because of all the information and media surrounding the company. Roman Reigns can definitely be the next top guy in WWE but he has to have a thicker skin and not worry so much about what the critics are saying.”

Henry may go down in the business as one of the most underrated big men to ever get in the ring. After all the stupid angles Vince McMahon created for him, Henry’s run with the World Title, a program where he played one of the best heels this company has had in some time, finally showed how great he could be in the ring.

There is a belief in this business that superstars are born from “moments.” Shawn Michaels and the Ladder Match at WrestleMania 10 started his ascension. Steve Austin and Bret Hart in the “I Quit Match” made Austin’s career. Those moments are etched in wrestling time and remain topics we all talk about. Reigns has a chance to do the same thing this coming weekend.

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For everything we have been force fed about Reigns and the new catch phrase, “Believe That,” most of the shots taken at the rising star are not his fault. Injuries and circumstance have led to our sensibilities changing. Also, given the fact the WWE broke up The Shield at a time when it may have been a good idea in theory, but a bad idea in execution, fans may have felt like they weren’t given the opportunity to root for the champion of their choice. In this case it appears to be Daniel Bryan.

Now, with Bryan in the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match at WrestleMania 31 and Reigns in the WWE World Title match against Brock Lesnar, fans will ultimately show the company whether they will accept the crowning of a new champion and a new era or will they fight it.

Can Reigns get over on his own? Not with The Rock getting in the ring with him. Not with everyone building him up as was the case with Daniel Bryan and then Paul Heyman. Reigns will need to stand on his own, much like Henry was finally able to do, to become the star the company needs him to be.

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