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Marching Into February For College Hoops

John CalipariThe calendar may read February, but it is already beginning to feel like March Madness in the NCAA. Some big time upsets and big time games over the last week are making this a fun month leading up to the 64 team field announcement. Fresh faces, bubble teams, top 25 upsets and much more are making it interesting here in the NCAA.

I was lucky enough to catch the entire game Saturday night between number two Kansas, seen by many as the best team in college basketball and their crosstown rivals, 13th ranked Kansas State. The game was played with all the intensity and knock down, drag out drama of an Elite 8 game. The teams matched each other all through regulation, our three pointer matches your 3 pointer. Our block shot followed by your block shot. Magic all the way through, with Kansas squeaking it out in overtime.

[adinserter block=”1″]Earlier in the week, number one Kentucky was beaten by South Carolina, so we may have a new team at the top of the mountain this week. Other top teams include 3rd ranked Villanova, who for the first time in team history is off to a 19-1 start. Coach Jay Wright and his speedy 3 guard system is currently the leader in the very tough Big East.

Other top teams include other Big East monsters like 4th ranked Syracuse and 7th ranked Georgetown who just got done clobbering number 8 Duke. Of course there is Texas who spent time at number 1 as well.

Of course with March coming around and the tournament close by as well, you also have to look at the upstarts and new faces who are making top 25 splashes. Northern Iowa is a team truly on a tear. Temple has cracked the top 15 and is playing great basketball. Then there is teams like Baylor and Gonzaga showing up there and ready to make waves.

[adinserter block=”2″]Some of the usual big dogs like North Carolina, Pitt, and UConn have struggled in the past few weeks, which can only be good news for mid-major schools playing for at-large bids. Every year a few schools put together great runs and sneak into the field, and of course come to wreak havoc.

Should be a big month ahead as we watch the teams on the bubble and root for our favorites to get that big invitation. March Madness is always my favorite time of the year, and this year it looks like it may be one of the most wide open fields in recent memory.

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