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Major WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Spoiler

A major Royal Rumble 2015 surprise has been revealed. There is a major name scheduled to show up at the Rumble who has turned every scenario upside down. Which WWE megastar is in Philadelphia for the Rumble?

The Rock will be at the Royal Rumble. This is a major surprise that came out of nowhere as not even the insiders reported any rumors of Dwayne Johnson taking part in the big event. The bigger story here is that The Rock is likely in for WrestleMania 31 making tonight’s event a lot more unpredictable.

The Rock sent out a tweet around midnight on Sunday morning giving away the big surprise. “In town and always gotta stop by the neighborhood… #SouthPhilly” – @The Rock

[adinserter block=”1″]A big question here is why the WWE did not promote The Rock coming to the Rumble? The company obviously had no problem with Rock sending out the tweet and giving away the surprise. The Rock doesn’t come cheap so why didn’t this company, which is struggling for network subscriptions promote the biggest star on the show? This one has a lot of people scratching their heads.

Now that we know Rock is in Philadelphia, we can all speculate as to what he is doing here and will be doing at Mania. Dave Meltzer reported on his podcast that Rock is definitely not wrestling Rusev at WrestleMania, so an angle with Rusev is off the table according to the Meltz. It would appear that all other options are on the table.

Meltzer reported that the Rock has been very interested in doing a Rock vs. Brock Lesnar match at a WrestleMania. That would seem to indicate the road Rock is traveling. It may also explain the last minute plans with the Rock. Quite possibly the WWE are convinced that Brock won’t be back for another Mania and thus everyone decided to the pull the trigger on this one. I can’t imagine this one being a last minute idea though only for the reason that Johnson would have had to clear his schedule months ago to make the commitments.

One scenario being talked about is Rock winning the Rumble. There are a lot of open slots left and let’s be honest for a second. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns were the favorites and I don’t think either of them are at a place to maximize a win. I think Bryan needs some more time left to gather momentum and Reigns just hasn’t progressed as hoped. Rock coming in and winning the Rumble makes a lot of sense and I can’t imagine the Philadelphia crowd booing a victory from the People’s Champion.

This would throw yet another monkey wrench into trying to predict the WWE championship match. Does Brock retain and go to Mania against the Rock for the title? I think the only way that happens is if Brock re-signed. If not, the only payoff I could see is Rock winning the title at Mania only to lose it the same night to Seth Rollins via MITB cash-in. Maybe Rock sticks around for one more match with Rollins but I can’t imagine a scenario where Rock is hanging around as a part-time champion.

[adinserter block=”2″]It sure looked like Rock and Triple H were heading towards a Mania showdown a few months ago after that SmackDown vignette. I am convinced that the vignette was a build for 32 in Texas. Plus everything appears to be pointing to a Sting vs. Hunter match. If not Brock and Hunter, what else would the Rock do at Mania? I can’t imagine any other scenario, especially if Rusev is off the table.

Regardless of what happens, things have gotten a lot more unpredictable for the 2015 Rumble and that is a great thing. The addition of The Rock and endless possibilities are turning into this one of the most anticipated Rumbles in Rumble history.

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