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Major Talent Changes Needed in WWE’s Women’s Divisions

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It’s time to cut the dead weight and the WWE need to be brutal.

The women’s divisions are in the best shape they’ve ever been in. Main-eventing RAW has become an accepted position for them and the SmackDown division has two strong feuds that don’t revolve around Total Divas, boys or other nonsense. Having said that, there are too many superstars that just don’t belong in this new era of women’s wrestling and they need to go. All they’re doing is clogging roster spots and giving some fans the false impression they’re being underutilized, when in reality they’re just not good enough to be on the show.

With the WWE reportedly about to announce a women’s tournament in a similar vein to the Cruiserweight Classic, there should be an influx of female talent coming into the company soon and wrestlers like Tessa Blanchard, Evie and Kay Lee Ray deserve to come into the company and not have to be shoved into overcrowded divisions. Yes, the WWE should never have split the roster, but now that they have, there’s no point having superstars on there that simply aren’t good enough to contribute.

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So who should the WWE get rid of? These are the girls on the chopping block.

Alicia Fox: Fox has been with the WWE for 10 years and, let’s face it, she’s done. Despite a minority of deluded fans that seem to think she’s better than she actually is, Fox, as we saw in the lead up to Survivor Series, simply isn’t in the same caliber as some of the newer girls. Her promo skills are deplorable and her wrestling ability simply isn’t good enough to be in a company that now has in-ring talent prioritized above looks.

Dana Brooke: Brooke only debuted on the main roster this year, but that isn’t a safeguard here. She may just be the worst performer in the entire WWE with a couple of exceptions. Her mic work is beyond bad, and her wrestling is improving, but still way below acceptable. Send her back to NXT, use her as a bodyguard exclusively or use her as a jobber. That may seem unfair, but when there are so many better female wrestlers in the WWE and around the world, it’s really just a meritocracy.

Tamina: Tamina is reportedly about to return to the main roster after months on the sideline with an injury. This one is also quite simple, she cannot wrestle and her promo skills are some of the worst in the company. She makes an imposing bodyguard, but she’s done it on three separate occasions now. She doesn’t have anything left to offer and if you disagree with me, watch the TLC 2015 kick-of show and then come and apologize.

Eva Marie: Yes, it was entertaining seeing her avoid her debut and the voice over thing was quite funny, but you can only do that for so long. They might get another month out of it when she returns, but eventually she’s going to have to do something in the ring and she straight up can’t. This is the easiest one on the list considering she’s on good money too.

There are a few others that you might think either should be alongside these four or are in the same league as them, but these are the only four I’d be getting rid of. Summer Rae is an asset to the company because of her promo skills and still has value as a valet. Nikki Bella has completely earned my respect on SmackDown so far, using her big name status to make others on the roster look better, taking some serious bumps and showing she’s upped her in-ring ability. She’s also transcended wrestling and that makes her star-power valuable to the company. Naomi and Natalya are also lucky to survive considering neither have any promo skills and the former is overrated in terms of athleticism and in-ring work, but they both still have their places on the SmackDown roster and have been used effectively so far.

So with a women’s tournament coming and a new era underway, those are the superstars I believe should be making way for the fresh talent. It wouldn’t be shocking to see Paige on her way out of the company either, but for completely different reasons.

People wonder why the RAW women’s division is essentially just Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Well firstly, their matches have been fantastic. Secondly, with Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke not good enough to carry mid-card feuds, Emmalina yet to re-debut and Summer Rae and Paige injured, that leaves Nia Jax and Bayley alone and they can’t afford to feud with each other because they need to be kept strong. So quit complaining about the GOOD women’s wrestling and put your focus towards getting rid of the wrestlers who are dragging it down.

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