Main Events Announced For WWE Hell In A Cell 2011 PPV


Hell in a Cell 2011The WWE wasted no time announcing their Hell in a Cell main-events. Of course with the pay per view less than two weeks away, they had no choice. Two WWE championship matches will headline the show with one being a first-time ever situation.

Brand new WWE champion will battle the odds once again and defend his newfound gold against former champions CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio in a Hell in a Cell match. According to the WWE, this is the first time ever that the WWE title will be contested in a Triple Threat Match inside the cell, although there was a six-way match back in the cell for the title back at Armageddon 2000.

[adinserter block=”2″]Randy Orton will exercise his rematch clause and step into the cell against Mark Henry as he will challenge for the WWE world heavyweight title. Jim Ross made the announcement on WWE RAW this past Monday. This will be a direct rematch from Night of Champions and I believe Mark Henry’s first Hell in a Cell match.

Neither match is inspiring me to stash $50 aside for Hell in a Cell. Let’s take a look at the WWE championship match first. It just seems kind of blah to me. From a logic perspective, CM Punk just lost a match to a guy that wasn’t even a ranked contender. His inclusion in the match makes little sense, nor is it necessary. I know he is owed a rematch but why wouldn’t he realistically have exercised it in something other than a Triple Threat Match?

Del Rio vs. Cena does make sense but it just seems rushed to me. The WWE really shot themselves in the foot when they deviated to the Punk vs. Cena SummerSlam 2011 plan if they intended on sticking with Cena vs. Del Rio into the fall. The grudge is just too new for it to mean much, especially when the babyface already won. A straight up singles Hell in a Cell following a lengthy program would have made more sense to me.

They could have dressed it up a bit last night on RAW. Instead, they had Cena and Punk team up and hold hands when the match was over. No attacks from Del Rio or Punk on Cena or vice versa. Hey, they could pull something nifty out of their bag this Monday but that still only gives the angle a week to simmer. Count me out as far as getting excited about this one.

What can I say about Henry vs. Orton? I think if it is quick, it could be good. Obviously the way to go here would have been to keep the belt on Orton and blow off the Christian feud here. I think there is still a good possibility Christian winds up in the match and they go with two Triple Threat Matches. Otherwise this one looks like it belongs anywhere else but a Hell in a Cell.

[adinserter block=”1″]Hey, I get it and I know that not every pay per view is going to be Money in the Bank. But here is a perfect example of why the WWE need to cut back on pay per views. There is no good reason other than greed to have a pay per view two weeks after the last one. The only way this could work is if you came off something hot like Cena vs. Punk at Money in the Bank but those days seem so far gone.

Additionally, with The Rock being advertised to wrestle at Survivor Series I could see people just skipping this one and saving their money. There is still time to spice up the card but in its current state, this looks like the most-miss WWE pay per view in a long time.

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