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Magnus Wins Title, AJ Styles Goes Indy, & Other Wrestling Thoughts

If there was anyone who did not see the swerve TNA was attempting to pull with Magnus winning the vacated World Title, then they must have been totally blind. I commend TNA for giving us subtle hints over the course of the last few months that at some point the Brit would be champion and the framework of the company would change.

[adinserter block=”1″]This is actually a good move for TNA in bringing new blood to the title scene after it finally gave Bully Ray his shot at holding the title and slipped a title reign in for Chris Saban that as totally wrong for the company. Issues with AJ Styles aside, TNA could do worse with a good looking, under 30 champion that reminds me a bit of Barry Windham, Al Perez and Rick Rude all in one. Now, as the new year begins in 11 days, let’s see how TNA uses him as the groundwork for rebuilding the company and how the guys in the locker room accept the changes that TNA will attempt to make to save the fledgling company.

While I do not like the current angle of Dixie Carter, here henchmen and Magnus with the title, for now it makes as much sense as running through Eric Bischoff as it did in the past, and look where it got everyone?

I suspect Magnus will face Samoa Joe, maybe have a run in again with Jeff Hardy and then see who is left standing. I would love to see him and Ken Anderson go at it a few times. Also, does this mean that Abyss, holding the TNA Television Championship, since he is next in line, will be the top contender for the world title? Bring that on if anyone is listening.

AJ Styles to WWE?

He has been announced to be a part of a major independent wrestling show in 2014, but would AJ Styles finally join the ranks in the WWE and if so, where would his place be?

Styles, according to wrestle zone.com, “Combat Zone Wrestling has announced that former (and possibly current) TNA star AJ Styles will be wrestling at their 15th Anniversary event in Voorhees, New Jersey on February 8th, 2014. Styles worked CZW Best of the Best ten years ago in 2003, and will be facing CZW talent AR Fox on March 15th for the Ultimate Wrestling Experience, as we reported earlier this week.

Styles has been the talk of wrestling off and on for over half the year with his contract expiring in TNA. One of the two originals left in TNA since its inception (with James Storm), Styles was Impact Wrestling. While the WWE has repeatedly claimed it was not interested in TNA talent, seeing Styles in matches with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and The Miz becomes must see television. And if Styles starts out the year on the independent circuit, is ROH not far off his radar? I think by the end of the year, Styles is on the WWE roster.

AJ Lee needs help

After holding the title for over six months now, could someone please come the locker room, the street, TNA or somewhere to finally challenge AJ Lee for the Divas Title? Can we finally see an interesting division that frankly bores the crap out of me and others. The Bellas are a nice pair and provide some drama on and off the screen, but the WWE needs more to keep the Divas afloat.

[adinserter block=”2″]I still believe Natalya is the best option of current Divas who could challenge Lee for the title. The other angle I keep preaching is the turn by Tamina on her former friend and boss. The WWE also needs more talent in the ring and on the microphone. I keep thinking Eve needs to return or maybe Michelle McCool, but I think I am holding my breath.

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