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Maggie Peterson, “The Andy Griffith Show” Actress Dies At 81

American actress and singer Maggie Peterson, who was popularly known for being a part of “The Andy Griffith Show” has passed away at the age of 81 years. The niece of the actress, Amy, revealed in an official statement regarding her death. The statement also revealed that the cardinal reason behind Maggie’s death was her poor health. She was surrounded by her family and friends during her last days.

The statement read “”Maggie’s health deteriorated when her husband Gus died, and we are pleased that we were able to relocate her to be closer to the family for her final days.” Gus Mausco who already died was around 40 years older than Maggie. The Andy Griffith Museum wrote on Instagram that Peterson “gave so much joy to her admirers, especially to our Mayberry Days Festival.” Maggie, we will miss you.”

Maggie gained popularity since her debut show “The Griffith Show” only. Andy gave her an opportunity in the acting that she was looking since a long. Andy Griffith himself passed away in 2012. After doing his show, Maggie made her mark in the industry and did many comedy shows and other shows too. In the 1986 TV movie Return to Mayberry, she played Charlene again.

The actress also appeared on Green Acres and The Odd Couple in the late 1960s and early 1970s. After retiring from acting in the late 1980s, Peterson began working for the Nevada Film Commission. In Nevada Film Commission, she worked on iconic Las Vegas-based films like Casino (1995), and Mars Attacks! (1999), and Pay It Forward (2000). Peterson married Mancuso for approximately 50 years in Las Vegas.

Mancuso’s Alzheimer’s fight and death in December 2021 made Peterson’s condition worse, according to her GoFundMe page. Peterson’s family confirmed her death on her crowdfunding page “Maggie wanted the community to know how much they’ve meant to her. Your affection and commitment helped her feel less alone in Las Vegas. She told us she couldn’t believe how kind you all were. You actually changed her life and supported her through some difficult moments.”

In 2020, Peterson’s family wrote on GoFundMe that her injuries had caused her rough times. “In the previous year, shoulder injuries and surgery left both arms largely immobile and in pain. In the previous six months, I’ve had stitches on both sides of my face, broken ribs, shoulder injuries, a concussion, and a severely broken left ankle that required surgery. Since November 2019, I’ve been in rehab and will continue to be. I fear I won’t be able to live independently till my injuries heal.”

Peterson discussed her financial problems and said “I cared for my Alzheimer’s spouse, Gus. I need care, ironically. My insurance and resources can’t cover this “writes. “Remainders? Andy Griffith ended before residuals became popular. I earned some minor residuals early on, but I haven’t had one in 50 years.” Peterson’s GoFundMe page raised $47,125.



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