Madden 11 Dual Stick Control Preview – Video


Madden 11The Madden 11 countdown officially began when Drew Brees announced that he would grace the Madden 11 cover. From now until August or as we like to call it, “Maddenoliday” EA will tease us with Madden 11 videos, previews, tips, and news. The newest Madden 11 video features Dual Stick Controls, something new to this year’s Madden video game.

[adinserter block=”2″]I watched the video twice and I am already drooling at the thought of getting my hands on Madden 11. I am probably early, but I have already plunked down my deposit at Game Stop to ensure I get Madden 11 ASAP. As an aside, the clerk at Game Stop told me that once again Game Stop will offer an exclusive full quarter demo to anyone who pre-orders Madden 11.

This video features an interview with Madden 11 developer Ian Cummings. Ian Cummings talks about the new Dual Stick Controls coming to the Madden video game. EA has based the new Dual Stick Controls off of the same options in the NHL and FIFA video game series. The idea is to control more of your running back in Madden 11 than ever before. The video features a couple of great clips of just how exactly you can take full control of your favorite Madden 11 running back.

[ad 6]Total body control is something that Cummings constantly brings up. The idea behind this is to control your running back’s upper and lower body completely. In addition to the usual truck and juke moves, you can now twist your running back with the stick. This will prevent less fumbling if you prepare your running back for a big hit by twisting away from the defender. This is something completely new to Madden 11. The Dual Stick Controls will also allow you to control how far your player stretches for those extra yards. Additionally, you can set up combos of juke, truck, and jump, etc. with the new Madden 11 Dual Stick Controls. Cummings says that the idea behind all of this is to pay more attention to football fundamentals, rather than getting all gimmicky with Madden 11. Watch the video for yourself and see all of the new options that you have with your running back in the video game.

The release date for Madden 11 is August 10, 2010.

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