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Madden 2010 Tips and Strategy: Breaking Down Man Defense

Madden 2 Man Press CoverageI like to break down man defense in Madden 2010 using one of four strategies:
1. Using his weakness to my advantage
2. Hitting the flats
3. The TE
4. Using Option routes

If I come out of a 3 wide receiver set, and my opponent is using a 3-4 defense, or something where there’s a line backer manned up against a WR, I like to make that WR my go-to guy. I’d probably put him on an in route, or a slant to get enough seperation to get an extra 4 or 5 yards before being tackled.

[adinserter block=”1″]The second way to beat this coverage is by hitting the flats. Anyone who uses man coverage should be prepared for a quick flare route to the running back. Instead of using a flare route which could lose you yards, put your HB on a slant to one side. By doing this, the HB gets out the backfield quicker allowing for better yardage and if he breaks a tackle then you can get big yardage.

The third way is by using the tight end to your advantage. He will be ined up against a LB or a safety who’s playing deep, so putting him on a slant over the middle or putting him on an outside slant can get you yardage as well. When I do this, I like to motion the HB out of I-form normal to the side the TE is on, put the HB on a streak, and put the TE on an outisde slant. This will usually change up the assignments and now the MLB will be guarding the TE. If he’s guarding the TE, then you can’ go across the middle, but you can easily get to the outside.

[adinserter block=”2″]The 4th way is one of the most successful Madden tips this year. Running the option can be the easiest way to break open any coverage. However, it seems so much easier going up against man defense. The WR’s awareness determines whether or not he’ll run the right route to break away, so be cautious of who you use it with. HB Options can be good, but can also result in a mistake if the HB doesn’t have a great route running ability.

Option plays are where the WR runs a short curl and has a slant route as an option is one the best hands down. If you can’t tell whether its man or zone, run a play like this and you can get easy yardage when you need it.

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