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Madden 2010 Tips and Strategy: Twin WR Sets & Beating A Nano Blitz

Madden twin wide receiversUsing Twin WR Sets to your advantage:

A nano blitz has been around Madden since the years of Madden 04-05 where your opponent would setup a blitz that gets to your QB really fast, coining the term nano blitz as it got there almost in a nano second. If it’s a good nano, someone will break free even with a TE blocking or with a HB blocking. They are very deadly, but leave things open so here are a few ways to combat it:

[adinserter block=”1″]Sets that look like the one above that only have 2 WR’s in it, but both WR’s are on the same side are great sets to use. You can instantly tell whether its man or zone, and then adjust your play accordingly. I like to use combo routes with the outside WR’s, then put the HB on a route depending on whether its zone or man.. If itz zone, I’ll put the inside WR on a streak and the outside WR on an out route, but if its man, the HB is on a slant.

Beating a nano blitz:
If your being nano’d to death, and you find it annoying, come out of a shotgun set, but use a package where it puts your HB in the slot or a TE in the slot so that the “play personnel” says: 2 WR 2 TE 1 RB, or 2 WR 2 HB 1 TE, making your opponent think you’re coming out of I formation or singleback. Once you get to the line, he has to audible out of his play into something different allowing you to catch him off guard and get easy yardage. Once you do this enough, he’ll stop trying to nano and you can actually come out of I-form or Singleback and try to establish your run game.

[adinserter block=”2″]Motioning:
Using motion can be great for guys that nano. This can leave a guy open for a short amount of time, but can be deadly vs the nano. Now, you alos want to slide protect to have that split second to get the ball off, but when you do, it’s very deadly and can make your opponent stop nanoing, or even blitzing, then you open up the run on him.

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