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Madden 2010 Tips and Strategy: Breaking Apart the Cover 3 Defense

Madden Cover 3Breaking apart the Madden 2010 cover 3 defense is a lot easier than breaking open a cover 2. I like to overload one side and have underneath routes just in case.

In that play, there aren’t any buzz zones (purple zones) so the corners are open. You can run a play that has a corner route and a flat route to break down the lack of coverage they’ll have against one of the two routes.

Another way is using plays that have the same route in it, but are different lengths. An example would be PA Boot Over out of Singleback Bunch:

Madden PA Bootlegg

This is called a 3 level flood. It has the same route 3 times, but all different lengths. These plays will give you completions against zone becuase your overloading a side and whoevers playing that zone will only be able to guard one person, leaving 2 people open. Using precision passing with this is a must because if not, you might mess up and under or overthrow it resulting in an interception.



There are many variations of this play, but these are 2 that will break apart cover 3 and cover 2.
Madden Vertical Passing







Madden Vertical PassingThe 1st one can break apart man coverage with the crossing route, and the 2nd one can’t do much but break apart a blitz or cover 3 or cover 2 zone. These plays don’t need a setup and can get an easy 15-20 yards if done right. If you’d like for them to be more successful in a way, put your #1 WR as the slot WR and the TE or someone slow in the other slot for the 2nd picture. Doing this makes the safety playing deep guard the #1 WR(who should be kind of fast) leaving the TE on the outside open for easy yards.


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