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Madden 2010 Tips: Breaking Down The Cover 2 Defense

Madden 2010 cover 2This year it’s a bit harder to break down the Madden 2010 Cover 2 defense, since you can’t just put the tight end on a streak and get between the safeties. You have to open up the playbook a bit more to do this.

Now, if you’ve seen your opponent constantly run cover 2 on you, and you can’t stop it, then try looking for plays where you see a post being ran by one of the outside WR’s.

[adinserter block=”1″]If you find a play like this and there’s a slot WR on that same side, put the slot WR on a streak and wait for the post to open up.

If you feel this takes too long, you can always use a play with a slot post. The slot posts seems to get above the hook zones and can get you good yardage against a cover 2 defense.

You can also use streaks to break apart a cover 2. Putting the outside WR’s on streaks, and the HB on a streak will break it apart. The safeties will guard the outside WR’s leaving the HB all alone for big yardage.

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  1. I sort of noticed this from experience as well,(starting playing Madden religiously).Could you point some kind of guide(maybe one of your,or anothers) in my direction explaing the playbook "Keys" I guess I should call them? I understand different kinds of coverage,but I don't know why the Safeties' coverage meeting the Middle Line Backers has x's connecting them in their coverage zones for example.

    I only recently got into football enough to call myself a true fan,for instance watching Mike and Mike,or Sportscenter and Nation waiting for news about trades,injuries,etc between pre-season games to give you an idea.

    I have a general understanding of countering offense with defense,and vice-vers.(Calling a Quarter Formation Cover 3 Conversion contain,when the offense has the ball at their 43,its 3rd and long past the 2 minute warning in the last quarter),but i want to dig deeper and see what formations to use at what times to better understand the game,and the game literally as affect.

    Sorry about the long comment,my email is if you actually read this and decide to email me anything of use.
    -If you didn't read this don't blame you,but thanks anyway =)

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