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Madden 12 Game Achievements & Awards

Madden NFL 12 Football Pre-order Deals & Bonus OffersIf you’re like me, you ran out on Madddenoliday and purchased your copy of Madden 12 or pre-ordered it. Before I even have a chance to unwrap Madden, I got an early tip on the newest Madden 12 achievements, awards, & trophies, and there are some real fun ones in this year’s game.

My favorite part of Madden is the franchise mode, however I usually wait a month or two to start one. The Madden out of the box is generally not very reflective of current team rosters and player attributes. I am a geek when it comes to this stuff, so I like to wait to have updates rosters and players that are more in line with the real deal. So to pass the time I like to shoot for achievements.

This year’s Madden game has a lot of achievements named after players. The player achievements are based on real season or real game milestones from the previous season. For example, the Tom Brady award is given to a player that achieves a passer rating of 149 or more, something Brady has done in the past.

[adinserter block=”2″]So here is an early list of Madden achievements and awards. I will update this list as more achievements, trophies, and awards are posted online, so check back from time to time. Nonetheless, this should give you a great starting point on what to shoot for right out of the box if you want to begin working on collecting those Madden 12 awards. Thanks to for the early list.

The Next Big Thing – 5 points
Create an NFL Superstar

Santonio Holmes Award – 25 points
Catch a game winning TD pass in OT (No OTP or co-op)

Tom Brady Award – 25 points
Have a passer rating of 149+ in a game (No OTP or co-op)

Jahvid Best Award – 25 points
Gain 154+ yards receiving with Jahvid Best (No OTP or co-op)

Matt Schaub Award – 25 points
Pass for 497+ yards in one game with one player (No OTP or co-op)

Reggie Wayne Award – 25 points
Catch 14+ passes in one game with one player (No OTP or co-op)

Arian Foster Award – 25 points
Rush for 231+ yards in a game with one player (No OTP or co-op)

Kenny Britt Award – 25 points
Gain 225+ yards receiving with one player (No OTP or co-op)

Darren McFadden Award – 25 points
Score 4+ rushing TDs in a single game (No OTP or co-op)

Adrian Peterson Award – 25 points
Score on an 80+ yard TD run (No OTP or co-op)

Mario Manningham Award – 25 points
Catch a 92+ yard TD pass (No OTP or co-op)

Peyton Hillis Award -25 points
Rush for 184+ yards in one game with Peyton Hillis (No OTP or co-op)

Rob Gronkowski Award – 25 points
Catch 3+ TD passes with a TE in a game (No OTP or co-op)

DeSean Jackson Award – 25 points
Return a punt for a TD (No OTP or co-op)

Bryan McCann Award – 30 points
Return an interception 100+ yards (No OTP or co-op)

Tim Tebow Award – 30 points
Score a 40+ yard TD run with a QB (No OTP or co-op)

Michael Vick Award – 30 points
Rush for 130+ yards with your QB (No OTP or co-op)

DeAngelo Hall Award – 50 points
Intercept 4+ passes in one game (No OTP or co-op)

David Bowens Award – 50 points
Have 2 pick 6’s in the same game (No OTP or co-op)

Dan Carpenter Award – 50 points
Kick a 60+ yard FG (No OTP or co-op)
Leon Washington Award – 50 points
Return 2+ kicks for touchdowns in one game with one player (No OTP or co-op)

New York Jets Award – 25 points
Gain over 100+ yards rushing with 2 RBs in the same game (No OTP or co-op)

New York Giants Award – 30 points
Record 10+ sacks as a team in one game (No OTP or co-op)

San Diego Chargers Award – 30 points
Hold your opponent to under 67 yds of total offense (minimum 5 min. qtr., no OTP or co-op)

Oakland Raiders Award – 30 points
Win by 45 points or more (No OTP or co-op)

Put Da Team On My Back – 50 points
Catch a 99 yard TD pass with Greg Jennings (No OTP or co-op)

We’re Talking About Practice – 10 points
Complete a practice in Superstar mode

Winning – 10 points
Win a FA bidding in Franchise Mode

Hey, Can I Talk to You? – 10 points
User complete one season’s final cut day in Franchise Mode

This One is Easy – 5 points
Create a MUT team

Wheel and Deal – 10 points
Make a MUT Trade

Ultimate Veteran – 20 points
Complete 10 MUT Games

[adinserter block=”1″]MUT Maniac – 40 points
Complete 20 MUT Games

This One is Hard – 50 points
Build an 80 rated MUT team

Happy 20th EA SPORTS! – 20 points
Score 20 points in a game and celebrate 20 years of EA Sports! (No OTP or co-op)

Verizon Scoreboard Overload – 40 points
Score 50 points in one game (No OTP or co-op)

Once again, check back here on the page later in the week as more Madden 12 trophies and achievements pop up online. There is sure to be more in the next coming days.

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