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Last Minute Madden 11 Deals

Madden 11Madden 11 hits the stores this Tuesday, starting at midnight in some places. Several stores are capitalizing on the hype with some great Madden pre-order deals. There is still time left to take advantage of these great Madden specials. You are going to buy Madden 11 anyway, so why not benefit from one of these great deals?

The tradeoff with some of these deals is that you may have to wait a week to get your game. Sure, you can pay extra shipping but that just defeats the purpose of a deal. Most of these deals are good until 11:59 PM/EST Monday night. Several even give you the opportunity to order online and pick up your game at the stroke of midnight. Some orders will continue past the pre-order status, so click the link for your favorite offer if you miss out on the pre-order stage because it may still be available. has been a leader in pre-order Madden deals for years and continues with a new twist this year. Madden 11 pre-order customers will get $20 coupon off their next video game order on Amazon. That beats the usual $10 Amazon gift card usually offered for Madden pre-orders. Sorry PSP and PS2 owners, but you only get $10 off your next purchase. So for video game nuts, this may be the way to go. Or, stash that $20 coupon away and use it for the holidays.

Order Madden 11 from

[adinserter block=”1″]GameStop has a much different and maybe the best Madden pre-order deal this season. Usually, GameStop offers an extended demo with Madden pre-orders but they have ramped it up a few notches this year. Madden 11 pre-order customers will receive 20,000 Madden coins to be redeemed in game for DLC. Additionally, customers will get a coupon for $10 off their next pre-order. I took advantage of this deal months ago before the rewards were even announced and I am ecstatic about it. This offer is only available for online ordering. Also, most GameStop stores are having tailgate parties with burgers and dogs Tuesday at midnight to celebrate the release.

To recap, you get your game at midnight, free BBQ, $15 in DLC, and a $10 coupon. This is my favorite of the bunch!

Order Madden 11 from Game Stop

Walmart is great for pre-order video game deals. Once again Walmart offers a nice package for pre-ordering Madden 11. Walmart offers a $10 gift card with all purchases. Beware though, that the deal does not allow you to walk into Walmart on August 10 and pick up your Madden. You will have to wait a few days. Who can’t find something to spend a free $10 on Walmart?

Order Madden 11 from Walmart

Target is getting into the Madden 11 pre-order deals this season. Target is offering a $10 Target gift card to Madden 11 pre-order customers. The catch is that you must purchase two specially marked packages of Doritos in order to grab the gift card. Taking into consideration that a bag of Doritos is about $3 a pop, you are basically getting a $4 gift card.

Additionally, these same bags of Doritos are offering codes for a special Adrian Peterson DLC that can be redeemed in the game.

Order Madden 11 from Target

[adinserter block=”2″]Best Buy has thrown their hat into the Madden 11 ring this season. Best Buy is offering three different rewards for pre-ordering the game through them. One option is taking 50% off a selected game. There is a great selection of games here including UFC Undisputed 2010, God of War III, and a ton more. Another option is a free download of NFL Arcade on the same platform in which you are buying Madden 11. Finally, an additional 500 reward points for Best Buy RewardZone program enrollees like me.

Order Madden 11 from from Best Buy

Toys R’ Us will continue their annual tradition of Madden pre-order deals. Toys R’ Us Rewards “R” Us members get a $15 Gift Card when you buy Madden NFL 11 for any console Tuesday only.

Visit to find your nearest Toys R’ Us store



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