New Wide Receiver Technology In Madden 11


Larry Fitzgerald It may be a several months away, but EA Sports is beginning to reveal tidbits about improvements and enhancements to the Madden 11 video game. Every year EA tends to spend more time with a specific aspect of Madden than another. This year, Madden 11 will see big improvements in wide receiver play with the implementation of the Catch Debugging Tool.

I am a loyal Madden video game player for over two decades and I can tell you that one of the most frustrating aspects of the game is wide receiver play. Quite honestly, it is a crap shoot. The biggest problem with wide receivers in Madden is the lack of realism. For example, say you are driving down the field, down a few points, less than two minutes to go with no time outs. The obvious play is to call an out route. Unfortunately they are some of the most glitch plays in Madden. In a real situation, your receiver would catch the ball and possibly fight for extra yards, come back on a short pass, or slide your two feet out to make sure your catch is ruled indeed a catch. According to, Madden 11 will make sure that happens with the new Catch Debugging Tool.

[adinserter block=”1″]”We have specifically tuned and added support to make it so receivers wait for the ball on a curl and have awareness for the first down. Also, receivers will now be working to catch the ball in stride on crossing routes so they don’t end up slowing down or losing yardage,” said creative director of Madden 11, Ian Cummings.

The tool will also help make deep passes and end zone grabs more realistic. The tool will reportedly allow players to get two feet down and drag to make a tough end-zone grab into a touchdown. The tool will also cover players who go over the middle. Reportedly, the tool will allow players to come back for short throws possibly losing yardage, yet making the play much more realistic. Obviously your elite receivers like Larry Fitzgerald and Randy Moss will have more success on these kinds of plays than wide receivers with less skill points.

What I really like is that there will be a defensive component to the technology. As part of the process of rejuvenating the passing game on the offense, EA Sports will improve pass defense as well. Reportedly, players will pay a dear price for going over the middle. Once again, a player like Larry Fitzgerald or Miles Austin may survive a big hit but your second or third receiver won’t be so lucky. Additionally, hits or coverage from higher skilled defensive players like Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu will be tougher to beat and survive than a hit from Macho Harris. The new technology sounds very promising!

[adinserter block=”2″]I am most looking forward to those final two-minute drills that sound like they will play like an actual two-minute drill. The drama is always there in Madden, but the realism is hit or miss in the game. The new technology sounds like it will give us those same classic comebacks and game-winning touchdown catches that we see throughout a real NFL season.

Beggars can’t be choosers, but I’d love to see the same kind of technology integrated into the running game at some point in Madden. Without a doubt the most unrealistic play in Madden is the rushing game. Quite frankly the run is so rarely used in Madden games, that watching a Madden game makes Andy Reid look like Vince Lombardi with the number of run plays he calls throughout a Philadelphia Eagles game. Now that the receiving game looks like it will be upgraded, it is time to dramatically upgrade and retool the Madden running game.

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