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Macho Man Randy Savage Shoot Interview Video

Randy Savage Shoot InterviewThanks to, I came across a very rare Randy Savage Shoot Interview video. sat down with the Macho Man in the year 2000 to conduct “Inside the Madness”. The Macho King talks about a number of subjects including Hulk Hogan, returning to the WWE, WCW, & much more.

[adinserter block=”2″]I have interviewed hundreds of pro wrestlers over the years on Shoot Interviews and radio shows but I never had the opportunity to sit down with the former WWE and WCW world champion. Sitting here and watching this interview I wish I had because Savage comes across as a funny, genuine guy and appeared to have no limits on questions from the interviewer. It is a shame Randy Savage never did anything more extensive because I can’t imagine that a lengthy interview would be nothing short of fantastic.

In just under 20 minutes Savage reflects on his career current, past, and future. There are a number of really fascinating stories that came out of this short chat with the wrestling icon. The interview appears to have taken place in 2000 which would place it right before WCW went out of business. This brings up an interesting story about WCW at the time which could have turned into an all time blunder.

Savage talks about his last appearance he made for WCW in a Battle Royal. Savage tells the interviewer that he did the match without a contract which is just amazing. To think in 2000 after all of the jumping back and forth in the Monday Night Wars that WCW would put a guy like Savage on television without a deal would be almost laughable if it weren’t WCW. Talk about a move that could have blown up in WCW’s face!

Savage then talks about being free agent and not wanting to commit to WCW because, “they’re really hurting right now.” Interesting foresight, although he could have signed a sweet deal that the WWE would have had to pay off if he would have signed on the dotted line after the WWE purchased WCW and could have gotten a nice payout. Yet from all accounts it didn’t appear that Savage was in dire need of money. He even mentions being a good “business man” and being in good financial shape at the end of the interview.

Savage continues and surprisingly expresses his desire to return to the WWE. Remember this was 2000. “Everybody wants to go to where the action is and the WWF is the place to be.” He also says that he isn’t going anywhere unless he has “extreme impact.” The interviewer later asks him about the chances of him returning to the WWE and he says, “that’d be sweet.” It sure would have. He also calls Vince McMahon a “creative genius.”

Savage also talks about how his past would influence a return to the WWE. Savage is asked if being a former wrestler from the 1980s would be held against him in the WWE. Savage says, “absolutely!”

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I just find this truly fascinating on a lot of levels. We have all heard about Savage being blacklisted from the WWE for years. Was Savage blacklisted by Vince McMahon at this time? Did Savage know that he was blacklisted? Was there a negotiation going on with the WWE? I can’t imagine why Savage would talk up the WWE over WCW if WCW was the only option he had at the time.

[adinserter block=”1″]Now comes the “what if” game. What if Randy Savage returned with “extreme impact” to the WWE in 2000? Think about the time period at the time and what the Macho Man could have done in the WWE. Certainly Savage was past his prime, but Savage could have feuded with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, Triple H, and heck even Vince McMahon! Maybe, just maybe it would have been Savage vs. The Rock and not Hogan vs. The Rock that would go down as one of the most iconic WrestleMania matches of all time.

Another always fascinating topic of discussion is the on again/off again Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan relationship. The interviewer asks Savage at the end of the interview how his relationship with Hulk Hogan is. “No relationship, I like girls, he’s got something else on his mind.” Classic line from the Macho Man!

The entire interview is a must-see for Savage fans. Savage like many of his old school pals, really put over the importance of being a world champion in previous pro wrestling times. “Just carrying the belt is not enough.” Talk about sound advice which is appropriate eleven years later. Savage also talks very candidly about his ups and downs with Miss Elizabeth and working together again years later in WCW.

Snap into it and watch the entire Randy Savage Shoot Interview below!

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