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Lyoto Machida Wants To Fight Brock Lesnar

Lyoto MachidaCheck out this interview with UFC light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida. Machida talks about his desire to fight UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Machida says that he would like to have five successful title defenses before pursuing a Lesnar fight. The challenge of the fight is what motivates Machida to seek out Lesnar.

I think that Macida’s desire for a Lesnar fight makes sense, but it will never happen. Dana White doesn’t like open weight matches, and I can’t see the two coming together on a catch weight. This is something that would be tailor made for Pride or some other kind of MMA organization in Japan. Affliction did attempt something similar with a Fedor vs. Belfort fight, but the two are much closer in weight than Machida and Lesnar are.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t know if it is a good thing or meaningless that Machida is already looking ahead to his sixth fight. I also think it is easy to speak out about potential fights that will likely never happen. Look at how difficult it has been to put Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva together as a prime example of this. I think it would honestly be a pretty boring fight. I would guess that both guys would be afraid to shoot and it would turn into something like Dan Severn vs. Ken Shamrock from the old UFC days.

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