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Love Island’s Shannon Singh Strips Nude on Instagram, Slams Troll Comments

Shannon out here risking a ban on Instagram.

Shannon Singh, the TV personality from Love Island is raising summer heat on her social media. On her recent trip to Ibiza, the model has been sharing snaps and videos on her social media with her fans. In the latest post, she stripped down to her birthday suit and posed for the photo.

Shannon also struck back at trolls who were hating her comment section and telling her to cover up. She also posted other snaps in different swimming outfits on her account that got the fans excited. Here are more details:

Who Is Shannon Singh?

Shannon Singh, born in Scotland is a model and a reality TV personality. She is of mixed descent with her father being Scottish and her mother Indian. She has grown up in an Indian Punjabi household and started modeling at the age of 18.

She is prominently known for her appearance on the popular reality show Love Island. She appeared in the 2021 season of the show however her screen time was so less because she got booted out of the series in just 24 hours. She still gained stardom thanks to her short appearance in the show.

She also became a fan favorite later on after her ‘I Love Mine” campaign and her work revolving around breaking the stigma surrounding OnlyFans. She also runs a successful channel on Twitch.

Shannon on Instagram

The former glamor model has been sharing snaps and videos from her recent trip to Ibiza, Spain. The most jaw-dropping one is the snap where she goes butt-naked. In the picture, Shannon could be seen posing on a balcony holding a glass of wine.

She went absolutely naked and only wore a white towel on her head and showed off her bare behind. She captioned the post with: “Ibiza energy hitting different.” The followers of her profile went absolutely crazy and complimented her body.

In another post, she posed in a brown one-piece stringed swimwear. She posed under the roof of the hall of Nobu Hotel with one hand on her thigh. On the other hand, she held a golden purse complimenting her outfit. The other photos in the same post featured the shots of drinks and in one picture she held the drink high in her hand along with her friends.

Shannon Slams Trolls

Despite being filled with appreciative comments and compliments on her boldest picture on Instagram yet, some hate-filled and critical comments also made their way to the comment section of her post.

One person commented: “Put some clothes on love”, however, Shannon was quick to hit back at the troll and replied: “Nah if you’re offended by a woman’s body get a grip”.

Shannon’s Instagram account currently has 446K followers.



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