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Love Island’s Amy Hart Horrified by 400 ‘Disgusting’ Comments on Her Instagram

Amy spoke out about her experience of witnessing so many hate comments.

Love Island reality show’s former star Amy Hart recently had an interview where she discussed the horrible comments she received on one Instagram post on hers. She shared how disturbed she was after discovering about 400 comments from trolls on a single Instagram post.

She also talked about her other recent ventures in her interview including her egg freezing. Here are more details:

Amy on the Hate Comments

Amy in an interview with shared her experience of discovering a load of hate comments from just one Instagram post on her profile. She claimed it to be one of her worst experiences of trolling.

Amy said: “So my most recent one was on Valentine’s Day. I did an 11-second transition video on Instagram, which was me in my dressing gown, my hair scraped back, and then looking all glammed up. So I posted it and went back to check on it half an hour later, thinking maybe I’ll reply to some comments.”

She continued: “And my boyfriend went: ‘Oh my god – it’s got half a million views and 400 comments!’ I thought, ‘Wow, that’s amazing!’ and he went off to have a shower. I clicked on the comments to start reading it, and it was just 400 of them saying, ‘She’s so ugly, ‘She’s disgusting’, ‘Ugliest Islander ever’.”

Amy claimed that she has experienced hate comments however the sheer amount of hate for the first time was way too much for her. She added: “I can deal with one or two, but 400 is a lot.”

Amy last year in 2021 appeared in the House of Commons where she discussed influencer culture and trolling. However, she has been a constant victim of trolling herself for a while.

Amy’s Reaction

Amy claimed that she was overwhelmed by the negativity from the hate comments and the fact that it was Valentine’s day was even more depressing for her. However, she added that her boyfriend Sam Rason acted as a source of support for her.

She said: “We had to go out that night and I sort of went, ‘Well I don’t want to be there, I want to be at home crying. And my boyfriend was like, ‘Ok, I’ve looked at these people’s profiles. They’re all either about 14 years old or they’re disgusting.” 

Amy continued: “Then he asked me, ‘How do you want me to be when something like this happens?’ And I told him: ‘I don’t know!’ But yeah, he’s very supportive and stuff like that is hard.”

Amy has also expressed how much support her boyfriend has been through all she went through. She also shared that Sam was “very supportive” during her egg freezing journey.



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