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Lost Ark Pirate Coins: How to Get Them

Recently, many online games have surfaced to the general public. One such beautiful game is Lost Ark. In this game, there is a numerous range of currencies that can be used in the exchange of many things such as “Song of Resonance”. One such currency is the Pirate Coins. People have gone crazy about this currency.

Pirate coins are one of the many currencies that the game has to offer. But, people are not sure when and where to get it. It took us a little digging, but now we know how to get some. If you are interested in getting some pirate coins, read the full article. In this article, we’ll discuss what is Lost Ark Pirate Coins and where do you get them.

What are Pirate Coins?

Pirate coins are one of the many currencies in the game of Lost Ark. It is used for buying and selling items in the game. But, it is only used in some parts of the game. Players may trade with merchant ships and merchants on the ocean and the numerous Lost Ark locations using this currency. This currency can be used to get many things such as gold, silver and other items.

What are they used for?

Pirate Coins may be exchanged for different goods sold by merchants in Arkesia’s waters, including new equipment and crew members for your ship. This makes exploring the world a lot simpler. In order to travel the oceans without fear of anything going wrong, you’ll need to upgrade. That’s where the Pirate Currency comes into play. Though the initial ship, the Estoque, is more than enough to complete the entire game, there are other ships available as well. You need to upgrade the Estoque to at least level 5 before adding other ships to your collection.

Various maritime traders will accept Pirate Coins for the purchase of a few special goods. One of the main usage of this currency is the “Song of Resonance”, that is used to discover hidden areas and areas which can be quested. Peyto, a little island situated west of Annika, is where you’ll find Treasure Hunter Igran selling the” Song of Resonance” for 16,500 Pirate Coins. In addition, for 33,000 Pirate Coins, you may acquire a Giant’s Heart, which will provide you access to stat-boosting and skill-boosting potions, both of which are very important.

Where do you get Pirate Coins?

There are just a few places where you may discover Lost Ark Pirate Coins. It won’t take you long to gather up a large number of pirate coins by completing quests and engaging in other activities on the various islands. Many of these tasks also reward you with useful goods, collectibles, and consumables in addition to gold and silver. Here’s where to get the Pirate Coins.

1. Quest Other Islands

The best way to gather up a large number of Pirate coins is by questing islands. There are many island with pirate coins available. You just need to attack them and gather all their pirate coins. It will take you around 20 minutes to gather up at least 17,000 Pirate Coins.

Freedom Isle’s quests award a total of 15,000 Pirate Coins. We proceeded to Giant Mushroom Island, a neighbouring island, to obtain the cash we needed for the Song of Resonance. A total of 2,000 Pirate Coins may be earned by completing only one mission in that area.

There are some other islands as well where you can earn more pirate coins. Here’s are some of them.

  • Atropos – 10,000 Pirate Coins
  • Blackfang’s Den – 10,000 Pirate Coins
  • Cradle of the Sea Fermata – 9000 Pirate Coins
  • Freedom Isle – 15,000 Pirate Coins
  • Giant Mushroom Island – 2000 Pirate Coins
  • Golden Wave Island – 7000 Pirate Coins
  • Kalthertz – 8600 Pirate Coins
  • Lullaby Island – 16,500 Pirate Coins
  • Peyto and Glacier Isle – 5000 Pirate Coins
  • Runaways Island – 5000 Pirate Coins
  • Sublime Island – 6000 Pirate Coins

2. Trade Other Coins with Pirate Coins

If you have other coins in Lost Ark, you can trade those coins to get some new Pirate coins. This trade will take place at the port. You’ll find the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel in the port with which you can exchange the currencies.

Some of the coins are Gienah’s CoinSpectrum’s CoinArcturus’s CoinAncient Coins, or Sun Coins. The value of each coin with respect to the pirate coins is given below.

  • 1 Gienah’s Coin: 10 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Sceptrum’s Coin: 12 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Arcturus’s Coin: 15 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Ancient Coin: 17 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Sun Coin: 20 Pirate Coins

These are the two main methods by which you can simply earn thousands of pirate coins in Lost Ark. It is to be noted that questing islands is still the best way to earn a large number of pirate coins in a short period. You’ll find the name of the island along with the pirate coins in the article. So, what are you waiting for, quest islands to gain some coins?



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