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Looking back at my 2012 WWE Bold Predictions – Inside The Wheelhouse

Back towards December of last year I did a 3-part series of blogs looking at some bold predictions for the WWE heading into 2012 on the Camel Clutch Blog. As the year is quickly closing itself out let’s look back at all my bold predictions from last year and see how well I did when it came to properly predicting the WWE for 2012. Some of these are going to look pretty good, while some are going to be somewhat embarrassing.

Ones I got right:

[adinserter block=”1″]Daniel Bryan becomes a “monster heel”:

As 2011 closes itself out and we approached 2012 Daniel Bryan was crowned the World Heavyweight Champion, something fans were surprised about since he was an “Independent wrestler” and not typically of the “WWE mold.” Bryan was well over with the fans and was starting to show glimmer’s of being a potential heel. While he never become exactly a “monster heel” he did become a top heel for the company throughout the year until most recently when he began the “Team Hell No” tag team with Kane.

John Cena does not turn heel:

Throughout 2010 & 2011 fans begged and pleaded with the WWE creative team to turn John Cena heel. The WWE did not and fans continued to be outraged with John Cena being a “stale” babyface character. Those who thought there was a chance of that happening again in 2012 were sadly mistaken as Cena continued to play his normal babyface character and at this point in his career a heel turn may never happen.

The Miz turns face:

This prediction didn’t look like it was going to happen and then came a pretty quick face turn in November of this year. Let’s face it, The Miz should’ve probably been a face shortly after WrestleMania 27 as he was well over with the fan base but the WWE didn’t pull the trigger. There have been rumors of a Miz face turn for years and it finally happened in late-2012, I look for a potential comeback year for The Miz come 2013 now that he is a face.

Zack Ryder will annoy you:

I don’t know if Zack Ryder necessarily “annoyed” fans as much as he disappeared as the “internet darling” he was a year ago at this time. In late-2011 he was the WWE United States Champion and was receiving the largest pops at most WWE events. He has lost a lot of his popularity due in-part to that Kane/Cena/Eve storyline that helped bury him in early-2012 and he never seemed to get out of it yet.

Sheamus continues climb as marketable face for the WWE:

At the end of 2011 Sheamus was looking like a potential top babyface in the WWE and then he was given the ball by winning the 2012 Royal Rumble. Since that Rumble victory Sheamus became one of the top marketable babyfaces in the WWE and rumors swirled earlier in the year that Vince McMahon was considering Sheamus to be his last official “hand picked star.” It was a great year for the “Celtic Warrior” as the WWE was able to make him one of their top faces in the company this year.

WWE Tag Team wrestling returns:

Thank god this prediction came true. I have been calling for the WWE to bring back Tag Team wrestling for sometime and the rumors of it getting a good role on TV again were a big deal late in 2011. Those rumors never seemed to materialize and it took until about the summer of this year for Tag Team wrestling to be back in full affect. Now we have great feuds, matches and storylines between teams like Team Hell No, Team Rhodes Scholars, The Primetime Players and Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara to name a few.

CM Punk becomes household name:

This is another one of those predictions that I was so happy to see come true in 2012. Heading into this year there was already a buzz about CM Punk but he wasn’t the prominent figure he is now. He has become that “household name” as people that are outside of wrestling are aware of whom CM Punk is as he is now a recognizable star from the WWE. I fully expect that trend to continue on in 2013 and even shape into a bigger role as CM Punk’s star continues to get brighter in the company.

Ones I got wrong:

Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler will win World Championships:

I’m pretty disappointed this prediction didn’t come true as you would’ve thought at least one of them would have a World title reign on their resume this year. The fact that all these great young talents did not is pretty surprising but the “silver lining” in this is that their star is continuing to be built bigger. Something wrestling obviously still needs as you should not push talent until they are properly ready and it looks like Ziggler is the only one close to achieing the World title reign.

Batista, John Morrison & RVD return:

I swung and missed on this one as none of these names were ever really tied to the company throughout the year. There was brief WWE return rumors about all three stars at one point in the year but nothing that ever got people believing there would be an actual return. Come to think of it the “Batista buzz” that was going around WrestleMania 28 never accumulated to anything and more importantly it looks like it will be some time before any one of these three former stars enters a WWE ring ever again.

Mark Henry becomes a huge face:

Swung and missed on this one too. This was due in-part to Mark Henry spending most of the year on the sidelines with an injury. Had he not be injured I actually think this prediction would’ve taken place.

The Rock continues to sporadically wrestle throughout 2012 beyond WM 28:

[adinserter block=”2″]Strike three yet again. In-fact The Rock only appeared three times after WrestleMania 28. Those appearances were the night after WrestleMania 28, his birthday celebration in May and the 1000th episode of RAW. It looks like, for now, The Rock is only going to be a guy who wrestles leading up to WrestleMania’s.

The WWE signs Davey Richards and/or Eddie Edwards:

Another one of those predictions I am very disappointed didn’t happen. Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards are two of the best independent wrestlers in the United States today and deserve the opportunity to wrestle on the big stage of the WWE. That didn’t happen in 2012 and I can only hope there is another chance of it happening come 2013 because both these guys have earned it.

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