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Little Sympathy For CM Punk

Since dropping his biggest pipe-bomb interview last week, fans are lining up in support of CM Punk. Yet an objective verdict would probably see through his rhetoric and his lack of accountability in the situation.

[adinserter block=”1″]CM Punk has taken over the pro wrestling social media world. Punk left no stone unturned when he gave his side of the story, almost a year after walking out of the WWE. Punk played the victim card and it didn’t take long for his troops to circle the wagons. Excuse me while I step aside because I have little sympathy for the former WWE superstar.

Punk’s biggest gripe throughout the podcast was that he was forced to work injured. Punk suffered numerous injuries over the last few years and left the company after suffering a concussion. Punk told several stories in which the office asked him to work hurt or come back early. Many were appalled at the lack of sympathy the company showed towards their hero. I for one, am not in that camp.

Punk is a strong-willed, big-mouthed, stubborn professional athlete. Punk could have said no. Yet Punk himself admitted he said yes because he felt that by doing the company those favors, he would be repaid with a WrestleMania main-event. Think about that for a second before you blast the WWE for their cold-hearted ways. Punk was hurt, he could have easily received a doctor’s note excusing him from his obligations inside of the ring, yet he sucked it up in hopes of this coveted spot. I am sorry, but nobody forced him to get inside of the ring. He was too popular to be buried so that was never a concern. He made that choice and to rant on a podcast about it and point fingers at the WWE shows a complete lack of accountability in my opinion.

Punk went into great detail about a growth on his body that was not properly diagnosed by the WWE doctors. Many are calling for the termination of that doctor, along with some accountability from the WWE. He said in the podcast that it wasn’t until he visited his wife’s doctor was he properly diagnosed. So whose fault is that? He could have taken a day off at any time and got a second opinion from his own doctor. He never even visited his own doctor! Who is the irresponsible one here for wrestling with a growth on your back and taking the advice of a company-paid doctor, without seeking a second opinion? I can understand why the WWE doctor is being criticized, but Punk was more ignorant here than anyone in my view.

Punk has also garnered a lot of sympathy for getting his termination papers on his wedding day. Vince McMahon even offered an apology over it, not that anyone is taking that seriously. Now for anyone else, that would be devastating news. But why is this such a horrible thing for Punk? This is a guy that walked out of the company, reportedly was leaving when his contract was up in July anyway, and it would appear had little motivation to return. You can’t tell me for a second that this guy knew exactly what he was getting into when he walked. For a guy like Punk I would think that termination papers would be something of a gift. He’s free! This wasn’t a case of a guy sitting home injured planning to come back. He wanted out and now he was officially free of his obligations. I am not sure why this was such a horrible thing?

[adinserter block=”2″]Bret Hart gets a lot of criticism for being a “mark for himself” in some circles, especially in regards to the screw job. Here is a guy that says he became obsessed with being in the main-event of WrestleMania. If he was that good and he was as much of a draw as he thinks he is, he would have been in that spot. At some point you have to be a realist. He achieved more than anyone ever thought he would. Yet the company felt that he wasn’t a draw in that spot for a reason. Telling Triple H that Hunter needs to work with him is a funny story but is it true? Is that going to be some big part of Hunter’s legacy? Here is a guy that almost died because he wanted to be in a match and yet I am supposed to feel sorry for him?

I can certainly understand the frustrations he has but at some point he really needs to look in the mirror and take some kind of accountability here. The WWE will continue without him, ratings won’t be lost, and business will move on. At this point I see his rants as nothing more than sour grapes that he wasn’t in a WrestleMania main-event as opposed to some kind of sympathetic story. The less I heard from Punk, the more empathy I felt for him.

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  1. Wait, so you’re just giving WWE’s doctor a free pass for refusing to diagnose what turned out to be a serious staph infection, just because “Punk should’ve gotten a second opinion?” Yes, clearly he should have, but that doesn’t excuse WWE’s hack doctor from clearing Punk to wrestle when he was obviously in no condition to do so.


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