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Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: What to Expect from this New Season?

Netflix’s popular legal drama series, “Lincoln Lawyer” has been renewed for a newer season. The legal drama that was launched this year only, 2022, gained massive popularity since its release. Lincoln Lawyer has a 7.7 rating on IMDB and an impressive 79% on rotten tomatoes. Apart from it the series also became famous among lawyers and law students. Therefore, it would great news for all the fans and viewers.

Lincoln Lawyer had only one season priorly as it was released in May 2022 only. Additionally, season 1 had ten episodes in total. The show that is based on a book named “The Brass Verdict” revolves around a plot of several lawyers and is a courtroom drama.

The protagonist Mickey Haller takes in hand several cases and argues them with expertise. Therefore, the renewal of the second season by Netflix for the Lincoln Lawyer will be an interesting fact to know more about. So let us go ahead with that!

Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the show aired on 13th May 2022, which was almost a year and a half after it was getting developed by ViacomCBS. Coming to season 2, the news of renewal broke in when the streaming giant took to its official Twitter account to reveal the same.

Netflix wrote “LA’s finest lawyer is back. The Lincoln Lawyer will return for Season 2 on Netflix.” However, the date of release has not been revealed by the streaming giant. However, the summer of 2023 is the expected time.

Along with the season, 2 announcements came word that Dailyn Rodriguez, who is most known for his work on Queen of the South, will be joining the program as a co-showrunner with Ted Humphrey.

Season 2 will consist of ten new episodes and will be based on The Fifth Witness, the fourth book in Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer series. This comes after the series performed exceptionally well in its first month on Netflix, prompting us to anticipate that it will be renewed in May 2022.

Lincoln Lawyer Season 1: Recap

Micky Haller inherits Jerry Vincent’s practice and cases. Trevor Elliot is the season’s biggest case. Elliot got off in court but was shot and killed. Elliot’s purported offense remains unproven. Micky returned to work (with a few bruises and scrapes) after a long hiatus.

Micky can surf again after the season, but the man with the tattoo watches from afar as the credits roll. So let us know what season 2 has for us.

Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: What To Expect

Because the coming season is based on a book, let us know what happened in the book to make a roadmap. In the book, Mickey’s team tries to exonerate Lisa Trammel despite the facts and his misgivings. Haller is attacked soon after learning that the victim had black market dealings, and he’s sure he’s on the correct track. Despite danger and uncertainty, Haller mounts the finest defense of his career.

Therefore, in season 2, Haller could work as a prosecution in a future season of The Reversal. They could possibly go to a book involving Haller’s murder. Cisco has issues. Mickey is paying for his departure from the Saints. What’ll happen? Uncertain.



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