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“Letting Messi go was the right call” says Juan Laporta

Letting Messi go was in the best interests of Barcelona, says Laporta 

What some would consider as the biggest mistake a club could make, Barcelona’s President Juan Laporta insists was the right call for the club. It was a very wild situation at the start of the season for Barcelona.

After all the controversy with the Board and Lionel Messi, it felt as if the club had reached a settlement where Messi had agreed to stay with the club. However, things didn’t pan out and Messi ended up leaving on a free transfer.

The main issue was Barcelona’s heavily loaded salary cap. The club was burdened with a couple of high-wage earners which were prohibiting them from registering new players. There was news that Messi agreed to a pay-cut but what was the real scenario remains unknown to everyone.

An association of 21 years came to an end when Messi left for PSG 

Lionel Messi was heartbroken when he decided to leave Barcelona. The Argentine International was in tears when he announced the news in a press conference. Barcelona’s administration was heavily criticized but looking at it retrospectively what they did was necessary for the club’s revival.

This was Laporta’s statement on allowing Messi to leave. “It was painful. If I take stock, it is the saddest decision of all and I would never have wanted to make it,” he told Barca TV.

“But I am not sorry either because I wanted to put the institution ahead of everything, even ahead of coaches and the best player in history. “And we had to do it. Because the situation we inherited is what it was. And due to a lot of will and intentionality we had, we came across a reality.

“It might seem that there was nothing afterward, but those of us who love Barça know that history continues and with work and well-thought-out decisions, we can continue on the path of success.”

Barcelona was like a huge giant carrying a lot of dead weight. It was very important for the club to identify all those players who they felt weren’t actually adding to the success of the team.

Of course, Leo wasn’t one of them. But the fact that the club was willing to let go of Messi set the status quo straight for players who were just sitting there and enjoying their fancy wages.

Barcelona are in a rebuilding stage under Xavi 

Barcelona has drastically changed their squad within the short span of a season. You see a lot of young and talented players who have the potential to be future superstars for the club.

With a couple of veteran additions, the club can again be ready to compete at the biggest level of the games. The emergence of players like Gavi, Mingueza, Araujo, Fati, and Pedri has been motivational for the club.

Memphis and Auba have also started firing which is good news for the Catalonians. The most important thing for Barcelona now is to win a trophy in form of the Europa League as that is their last hope. The club has been eliminated from all domestic competitions and they look set for a top 4 finish.

If Xavi can get a trophy along with that it would be a real boost for this young squad.



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