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Letter to “the Champ”: Dear Mr. Cena

John CenaDear John Cena,

First and foremost, I want to let you know that I have the up-most respect for what you do in and out of the ring. I don’t consider myself a fan of yours, but I do enjoy your work. I wanted to write you a letter to suggest some things for you to consider. Please take them into consideration.

One of the things that turned me away from being a fan of yours is the limited wrestling move set that you have. I’ve been a fan of this business for over two decades and I think one thing that this company needs is more wrestlers. I do understand that wrestling isn’t your style, and I’m not asking for you to make it your style. I am asking for you to try to learn and perfect more wrestling moves and possible more submissions into your arsenal, I think that would earn more respect from people and more fans.

Another thing is, please go back to when you first became heel. I do miss your promos from back then. I’m talking about your promos from 2003. I do miss your “battle raps” and how you would put your opponents down. Please bring back those promos. I do believe that this sport today is lacking great wrestlers in the main event would could talk. You are one of them who still can, please use it wisely.

Another thing is, please change up your attire. You’ve been wrestling in jean shorts and sneakers for six or so years now. It’s getting old, like years ago. I do remember you saying that wrestling trunks and boots aren’t your thing, but come on man, other wrestlers had to do things that they didn’t like before they became big, and so what’s the difference?

One last thing before I rap this up, why in the hell do all the girls and pre-teenage boys love you so much? Is it because you have an ‘in’ with the style of today? Is it because you’re a “white rapper” dude? I don’t get it. Styles come in and out, and I do believe you’re in the position to help bring change to styles. Please remember that. And please bend before the curve comes; change before the change comes, because people do look up to you because of your position.

Again, thanks for your hard work in the business, granted I’m not too huge on you or your style, I do respect you for what you do in the ring and what you do outside of it. Thanks for everything and everything you will do in the future. Keep up the hard work and keep sweating for the business, I consider you to be in the spot of being today’s Hulk Hogan.

Thanks again.

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Eric G.

Eric is the owner and editor-in-chief of the Camel Clutch Blog. Eric has worked in the pro wrestling industry since 1995 as a ring announcer in ECW and a commentator/host on television, PPV, and home video. Eric also hosted Pro Wrestling Radio on terrestrial radio from 1998-2009. Check out some of Eric's work on his IMDB bio and Wikipedia. Eric has an MBA from Temple University's Fox School of Business.

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