‘Legacies’ Canceled After Four Seasons at CW: Ending the 13-Year-Long Vampire Diaries Franchise


It’s the end of a franchise.

The amount of shows being canceled this year by the CW is way more than ever. The primary reason was the pandemic which messed up the renewal and cancelation process of the broadcasting company. One more series that has become the victim of the cancelation by the CW is Legacies.

Legacies, which was a spin-off series of the Vampire Diaries is being finally shut down after a run of four seasons. The end of the series will finally put an end to the thirteen-year-long run of The Vampire Diaries franchise.

Here is everything we know about it so far:

The Vampire Diaries Franchise

‘Legacies’ was one of the two spin-offs of The Vampire Diaries, the other being “The Originals”. The Vampire Diaries can be called one of the signature shows of the CW that started premiering back in 2009 and ran for 8 seasons in total. The last season of the series aired in March 2017.

The Originals was the first spin-off of the franchise that aired in October 2013 and ran until August 2018. Legacies on the other hand began airing in October 2015 and will finally come to an end this year in May with a total of four seasons.

‘Legacies’ was the last of what remained of The Vampire Diaries franchise and ending its run will be finally putting an end to the franchise that ran for 13 long years.

What Is ‘Legacies’ About?

The story of Legacies started off when the story of The Originals finished. The series featured Hope Mikaelson, who was supposedly the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, the vampire-werewolf hybrid, and Hayley Marshall the werewolf. The story featured Hope attending the school for the Young and Gifted called the Salvatore Boarding School situated in Mystic Falls.

The story followed Hope learning her supernatural gifts while controlling her impulses and also facing multiple threats and foes on the way. Legacies featured the return of multiple characters from the original Vampire Diaries characters including Alaric Saltzman and Jeremy Gilbert.

The End of ‘Legacies’

THR has reported that the CW has announced that ‘Legacies’ will not be renewed for a fifth season and that season four will be the last of it. As of now, no further spin-offs of the Vampire Diaries franchise have been announced so it is pretty much concluding the run of the franchise.

With the recent wave of cancelations being done by the CW ahead of its selling date, ‘Legacies’ can be called the most significant one as it marks the end of one of the most prominent franchises of the broadcasting network.

Fans would be looking forward to the season 4 finale and it would be worth watching if the finale could bring a satisfying end to the franchise.


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