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Leadership Changes at TNA Sacrifice

 alt= TNA held its Sacrifice pay-per-view last night in their home base of Orlando, FL. TNA delivered their consistent formula of illogical booking, a great undercard matches, and uninspired main-events. Sacrifice was an appropriate title considering that watching the show was a sacrifice of 3 hours that I’ll never get back.

In the main-event, Sting pinned Kurt Angle to win leadership in the Main Event Mafia. The match featured Sting, Angle, TNA champion Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Jarrett. Each wrestler would lose something if they were pinned. Angle’s sacrifice was leadership, which apparently is more important to Sting than winning the company’s world title. Talk about a way to kill the importance of your belt.

I really don’t want to bash Mick Foley, but he is sacrificing his legacy every time he steps into the ring. The years of physical abuse have caught up with him. He is slow, predictable, overweight, and even looks to be blowing spots at times. I get suckered in by Foley every show because his weekly promos have been excellent. Yet once he gets in the ring I am reminded me of his last pay-per-view match.

Kurt Angle continues to be my favorite drawing card in TNA. I think he is a guy that could singlehandedly make a difference in the WWE right now. Angle continues to have great matches and even better promos on television. TNA better do whatever they can to lock him up when his contract his up. If he leaves, I don’t think there is a guy in the main-event rotation that can come close to matching his impact (no pun intended).

Sting is another guy who is long done. I never really got Sting’s longevity in wrestling. To me, he hasn’t been all that great since the mid-90s. Sting is another guy like Foley who has had some great television, yet disappoints when he steps into the ring. At 50 he obviously doesn’t have the quickness anymore, which is what made him so good in the first place.

Jeff Jarrett in the main-events is just ridiculous. TNA should be sued for having the gall to charge fans money to see Double J in the main-event. Now I will say this. I think Jeff had the second best match of the year against Kurt Angle a few months back. However, there is just no believability there in him as a main-event wrestler. Even in his prime he was a mid-carder, and he is long past his prime.

Saying all of this, the main-event was okay. Keep in mind that these are just my opinions, and there are probably plenty of fans that love TNA. I would love to meet those fans and pick their brains, but I am sure they do exist. The finish of the match saw Jeff Jarrett give Kurt Angle a stroke off the middle rope onto a chair. Sting jumped in and wound up stealing the pin, thus winning the match and leadership of the Main Event Mafia.

The rest of the show was pretty decent I thought. I love the undercards in TNA. Since day one, I have thought that TNA had something on the WWE. TNA had a ton of guys while smaller, exciting, young, and very athletic. I really think that if TNA elevated these guys and made this the theme of their company that they could do some great things. There would be a transition period, but 3-6 months later they would have a fresh product that could target the teenage crowd and disenfranchised wrestling fans.

TNA’s next big show will be their WrestleMania-type event, Slammiversary. The TNA title will be put up in a seven-man King of the Mountain Match. Shane Douglas and Raven return to television this week. Former WWE Diva Victoria is set to start with the company immediately. The Taz-watch continues.

Full results of TNA Sacrifice saw…
Amazing Red defeated Kiyoshi Singles match
Eric Young and Lethal Consequences defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir and The Motor City Machineguns
Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney…TNA Knockout Monster’s Ball match
Suicide (c) fought Christopher Daniels to a draw…TNA X Division Championship Angelina Love (c) defeated Awesome Kong…TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Nash Singles match
Beer Money, Inc. defeated The British Invasion…finals in the Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament
A.J. Styles (c) defeated Booker T “I Quit” Match…TNA Legends Championship
Sting defeated Mick Foley (c), Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett…Sting wins leadership in the Main Event Mafia

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