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Lauren Goodger’s pregnant tummy is making her “roll to get off the sofa”

Famous reality star Lauren Goodger is ready to welcome another baby girl into her life. The model couldn’t control her happiness when she knew that she is going to receive another gift it had not even been eight weeks after welcoming her first daughter in July 2021.

Goodger is a 35-year old English star and a glamour model famous for her reality shows like The Only Way is Essex, Dancing on Ice, and Celebrity Big Brother. She has a huge fan following around the world, with 750k Instagram followers. The fans got so excited to hear the good news about her second child, but the word spread faster when the word about her baby bump came out.

Her baby bump is so big that she has to ‘roll to get off the sofa’. Initially, she was worried about her physique, as we already that how health-conscious she is. Her friends told the media that she always monitors her diet and hits the gym as it is her second home. Recently she just had her first baby, Larose. And she was still in the process of getting ripped after dealing with post-pregnancy but heaven sent her another angel. She had some bad memories of getting laughed at and being bullied for having body dysmorphia in the past.

But finally, she dealt with her fears and realized that ‘she is happier than ever with her body. The health of the baby is most important right now. She was doing some exercises and diet even after she discovered that she was expecting, for maintaining her figure but now she has realized that the health of the baby is her utmost priority.

She told the media that she was also thinking of aborting her second child as Larose is still very young and the new baby might affect her. In so many studies it’s been observed that at a young age the arrival of younger siblings might affect the kids, mentally and sometimes physically if they are not being nurtured nicely. That was the challenge with Lauren Goodger. Also, her relationship with her on-off boyfriend Charles Drury was not very great.

She said ‘I didn’t want her to feel confused – she’s been my no.1 and I would never want her to think that had changed. Plus, the situation with me and Charlie wasn’t great.’

But very bravely she decided to do it. She said: ‘I thought, “I’m going to do it by myself”. And I’ve stuck with that. Being a single mum doesn’t scare me. It will be a challenge, but what a lovely challenge.’



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