Lalo Gone Brazy Dead? TikTok Star Debunks Death Rumors


TikTok star Lalo Gone Brazy recently hit the headlines, but not because of another popular TikTok. This time it was because he apparently died, or that’s what the rumors were saying about him. A tweet on Twitter sparked confusion among the TikToker fans and acquaintances on the internet.

A tweet surfaced on the internet saying that Lalo Gone Brazy was apparently shot at a park and was taken to a nearby hospital for urgent medical care. This led to people sharing their condolences and grieving the death of the TikTok sensation all over social media platforms.

However, Lalo wasted no time and was quick to debunk the rumors surrounding his death. But did something really not happen? Keep reading to find out more about the incident that unfolded.

Here’s what we know so far about it:

Who Is Lalo Gone Brazy?

Nalgon who goes by Lalo Gone Brazy on social media was born in Mexico and is currently a TikTok sensation. He has more than 860k followers on the short-video sharing platform and 370 followers on Instagram. The 22-years-old star shares videos of Spanish songs on TikTok.

He gained fame with his first video in April 2022 and has become a regular face on the platform ever since then. He went viral for a clip where he was singing “Sleazy Flow” by SleazyWorld which crossed a million likes and by now his account has over 20 million likes in total.

Lalo’s Death Rumors

A Twitter user with the username of “keemstarnews” shared a tweet on 27 June, talking about the demise of the TikTok sensation. The tweet said: “June 27th 2022:A tiktoker by the name lalogonebrazzy has been rushed to the hospital after getting shot in a park during his live he is in the hospital in heavy condition due to 2 bullets wounds my prayers go to him”.

Many users mistook this account for the famous YouTuber Keemstar who covers breaking news about social media influencers and they all started commenting on the tweet and sharing their condolences on Lalo’s demise. Lalo’s death started trending from here on and people were debating whether he is alive or dead.

Lalo Debunks Rumors

Many of Lalo’s followers were confused as the TikToker had posted a video, hours before the tweet surfaced, and also, there was no official announcement regarding this event. Lalo soon debunked the rumors after he streamed live on TikTok on June 28.

However, the live stream was mainly a black screen which made the fans wonder if there was something really going on. The last time Lalo posted was in 2021 and he has not been really active on the social media platform for a while.

It is unclear where the TikTok star has been for the past few days.


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