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LaDainian Tomlinson Is Back…On The Bench!

LaDainian TomlinsonHe was ranked in the top five pre season fantasy football rankings. He was Adrian Peterson before there was Adrian Peterson. LaDainian Tomlinson was the man. L.T. promised a return to prominence this season. The only place L.T. will be returning to is the I.R. report. L.T. will miss Sunday’s game giving him a projected zero points two weeks in a row.

Before the season L.T. said he was fully back and was going to tear it up. After a disappointing season, L.T. cited injuries and a variety of reasons for his disappointing 2008-09 NFL season. L.T. is back alright, he is back to his 2008-09 season form. As a matter of a fact, he is worse. At least he was giving us something albeit a couple of points last season.

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