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La Brea Season 2 Expected Release Date, Synopsis, Cast, Plot, and Everything to Know

The family thriller adventure is returning for another season.

When La Brea came out last year, the series was pretty well received by the audience although many called it really slow-paced. The critics were not really impressed with the story and the overall theme of the show but the series still received some success.

Although the first season of the series received a 38% score on the Tomatometer and an IMDb rating of 5.7, it was still renewed for a second season and we bring you news about its progress.

Here is everything we know about La Brea season 2 so far:

What is La Brea About?

La Brea features the story of a family that was separated between two worlds after a massive sinkhole appeared in the city of Los Angeles. Among the separated family, the son and the mother fell into a completely new place with a primeval land inhabited by a group of people who are also trying to figure out just where exactly are they.

On the other hand, the daughter gets left behind and barely survives the fall and along with her is her father who seems pretty unhelpful with his ongoing hallucinations and a troubled past.

However, the father soon realizes that the hallucinations might not be what they seem and they can be a key to finding and uniting with their family and now they race against time to meet with their family again.

The Plot and Cast of Season 2

Not much has yet been revealed about what the season 2 will be about but David Appelbaum, the creator of the show has claimed that in the next season, they are going to play with the current timeline as much as possible so we can expect an overlap happening between Gavin and Isaiah on the horizon.

David also added that the cast will face many challenges in the next season and said: “We’re going to be putting characters in different worlds moving into Season 2”, he teased. “There are going to be a lot of unexpected surprises that will happen at the end of the finale that is going to put our characters in a lot of different places. But also, we’re going to retain a lot of what we saw in Season 1.”

As for the cast, nearly all the characters from the first season will be reprising their roles including Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken, Chike Okonkwo, Karina Logue, Zyra Gorecki, and Jack Martin.

La Brea Season 2 Release Date

As of now, no official date for the release of next season has been confirmed but weeing how the first season aired in September 2021, we can expect the next season to be released somewhere by the end of this year.

Season 2 will feature a total of 14 episodes and will be released in 2 parts.



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